BG man arrested after threatening to burn trailer


A Bowling Green man was arrested for aggravated menacing after he reportedly threatened to burn his
wife’s trailer down.
The Bowling Green Police Division was called to the 1000 block of North Main Street at 5:09 p.m. Sunday
for a report of a subject who has threatened to burn a trailer down.
A woman told police she and her husband, Matthew Rush, were starting divorce proceedings. Rush showed up
at the trailer, which they both owned, intoxicated.
She taped the confrontation, in which Rush said, “I’ll burn it down to the ground.” When he was told to
leave, he replied “I’ll be back later. Yeah, with a match and (expletive) lighter," according to
the police report.
Police found him at a relative’s trailer, where he denied making the statement.
Rush, 33, was arrested and taken to jail.

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