A new look for Old Glory


The Student Veterans Organization at Bowling Green State University raised more than $10,000 through the
Falcon Funded campaign to purchase a 50-feet by 90-feet American flag. The flag was unveiled Saturday
during the final women’s home basketball game.
The primary purpose of the flag will be to honor the military community and it will stand as recognition
for those who have a dedication to duty and a selfless commitment to something greater than themselves.

“The Student Veterans Organization believes that the American flag is the symbol of our freedom, national
pride and history,” the SVO said in a statement. “We are grateful to those who supported us in the
campaign to raise enough money to purchase our full court flag. Their generosity is a testament to the
dedication our past military population has in supporting our current military-connected students.”
Due to the size of the flag, BGSU Athletics and the SVO will have the ability to use the flag at other
venues in an ongoing partnership between the two organizations to support and honor those who serve the
The SVO at BGSU has been a recognized student organization since 2011 and has been affiliated with the
Student Veterans of America since 2013. Along with the SVO and BGSU Athletics, the Nontraditional and
Military Student Services office was instrumental in providing guidance for the campaign.
Saturday’s game was also Senior Day and the annual Freddie and Frieda mascot unveiling. Coverage of the
women’s game is on page 7.

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