Hospital’s programs meet community’s needs


Wood County Hospital has expanded services to continue to best meet the needs of the community.
In 2018 there was a significantly higher use of the hospital services with 11,000 patient days of service
in Medical-Surgical, Obstetrics and 23-hour units. Similarly, the hospital’s surgical cases represent an
all-time high.
The Maurer Family Cancer Care Center partnered with the Toledo Clinic to bring on board-certified Medical
Director Dr. Dhaval Parikh and board-certified Dr. Mershia Hadziahmetovic both of which have an
extensive background in radiation oncology. This expertise, leadership paired with latest technology at
the center allow patients to receive the most advanced cancer treatment available.
The hospital also opened a “New Vision” medical stabilization service in April to care for those who are
going through drug or alcohol withdrawal. This program then connects the patient to ongoing therapy as
aftercare. It is an attempt to positively impact the opiate epidemic in our area.
In addition, the hospital introduced robotic surgery with the latest da Vinci robot. This equipment is
used for many types of surgery but most commonly gynecologic, urologic and general surgery procedures.
It is less invasive and helps our specially trained surgeons perform precise and complex operations
through a few small incisions which decreases recovery time.
The hospital’s radiology department includes a new MRI and 4-dimensional CT scanning which makes CT scans
much faster and more accurate than ever. The Women’s Center offers 3D mammography.
In 2018 Falcon Health Center rolled out the “Whole Health” integrative medicine program led by Medical
Director Dr. Jeff Swartz. This type of primary care is based on a partnership approach that focuses on
the whole person. The second floor of Falcon Health Center was renovated and now houses this program, as
well as offices for other primary care physicians (Dr. Terry Fondessy and Dr. Kerri Pearson). Additional
services on the second floor of Falcon Health Center include nutritional counseling, chiropractic care,
pharmaceutical counseling, exercise prescriptions and physical therapy.
Wood County Vascular opened and is led by Dr. Arthur Delos Reyes, board-certified in vascular and general
surgery of the Toledo Clinic. Delos Reyes provides comprehensive management and treatment of peripheral
vascular disease and long-term conditions of veins and arteries. This management includes vascular
screening and prevention, surveillance of vascular disease with radiological and ultrasound studies and
wound care.
The Center for Weight Loss Surgery has performed over 4,000 surgeries over the last 40 years, and over
half of those have been done in the last 10 years. In 2018, the Center for Weight Loss Surgery was
recognized as one of the top 1 percent, one of only 422 healthcare centers in the nation, for bariatric
surgery according to the Women’s Choice Award. Being the first accredited program in the area, the
office is a leader in patient satisfaction and clinical excellence. Dr. Peter Lalor and his staff offer
a comprehensive approach, including pre- and post-surgery support, testing, and personalize care, that
helps patients achieve long term results.
The Center for Pain Management at Wood County Hospital welcomed Dr. Joseph Atallah with the Toledo
Clinic, as their new medical director. Atallah is board certified in both anesthesiology and pain
medicine. The Center for Pain Management offers options to patients to successfully treat many types of
In 2018, new processes have been implemented in the emergency department to shorten wait times for
patients and expedite testing to improve patient experience.
Wood County Hospital Continues to offer programs, equipment and specialists that provide cutting edge
care close to home. 2018 was no exception. To learn more about the programs and specialists at Wood
County Hospital, visit

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