Easy beef dish ideal for winter comfort food


Laura (Belleville) Richmond knows her meats and knows her strengths.
“In the kitchen, I like to keep it simple,” Richmond said.
Her Crock-Pot Beef Stroganoff recipe is both easy and tasty.
Richmond grew up in the Belleville Meat family. Her mother, Barbara Belleville, has shared two recipes in
previous Cook’s Corner columns, a peach pie and a taco pie.
Richmond also likes its flexibility to adapt this recipe to the size and taste as needed. The meat amount
for this recipe can range from 2-2 1/2 pounds.
“It depends on how meaty they want it,” Richmond said.
She also notes there is a flexibility in the meats that can be used — but don’t feel like you need to
break the bank for a cut a of meat.
“Although the more expensive meats such as sirloin can be used, a lesser cut works well in this recipe,
as the length of time the meat is cooked in the Crock-Pot helps tenderize some of the lesser cuts of
meat,” she said. “I usually use whatever I have on hand and the stew meat works well.”
Richmond said she has dozens of meat-based recipes.
“We like meat, and I always have. I try to find different ways to cook it. There are just so many ways to
cook it,” she said.
Overall she said her favorite cuts center around the ribs — rib steak, rib eye, prime rib, etc.
“I feel the fat is what gives the best flavor.”
Richmond also said she loves mushrooms, so she adds more than the recipe calls for and knows others who
add more onions.
“It all depends on what you like.”
With record-breaking cold temperatures coming later this week, the stroganoff could be something to serve
at home.
“This is a comfort food, it’s very good for the winter and makes for great leftovers, too.”
Richmond works for Wood County Job and Family Services and puts in long hours. She likes to cook, but
doesn’t want to spend all evening in the kitchen.
“I really try to keep things easy and simple. I like easy.”
Interestingly, when she goes out to eat, she tends to stay away from the beef on the menu.
“I like my meat at home. I like to know where it came from. I’d rather make it myself,” Richmond said.

She has worked at JFS for eight years, four years with intake and food stamps, and the last four years
with children’s services.
She married Doug Richmond on April 21. He works at both the Home Depot distribution center in Luckey, as
well as NAPA Auto Parts in Bowling Green.
“The best part of our wedding was that we had a Cinderella-themed wedding. We like Disney and that was
where we spent our honeymoon. I like to think that I get to live out a true ‘Happily Ever After,’”
Richmond said.

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