Hoop dreams come true for Cutcher


It’s funny how one moment and one action can change the course of a life.
Amanda Cutcher never had plans of working in women’s basketball but a series of decisions on her end and
one defining moment gave her the dream job she never knew she wanted.
A 2008 Lake High School graduate, Cutcher is in her second season as the video coordinator for Bowling
Green State University’s women’s basketball team. It’s a position she set herself up for by building
relationships, and of course a little bit of luck.
Originally wanting to own and operate her own photography studio, Cutcher graduated from BGSU with a
degree in visual communications technology in 2014. While finishing her final co-op in the VCT
department at Bowling Green, Cutcher realized her affinity for designing for sports.
Shortly after she accepted a two-year internship as the primary graphic designer in the BGSU athletic
department, also working as a sports information director for tennis and cross country.
But her love was with basketball. It has been since fourth grade.
“The first and second years I volunteered for every home women’s basketball game,” Cutcher said. “So, I
got to know the staffs.”
Cutcher built a relationship with then-head coach Jennifer Roos, and once her internship in the athletic
department was over, that relationship became the catapult to her career.
Cutcher was on the hunt for jobs when she coincidentally ran into Roos, who just happened to be in the
market for a video coordinator.
“I didn’t even know that the previous video coordinator had left. I was looking and applying elsewhere. I
just happened to be in the right place at the right time,” Cutcher said.
“They were taking their compliance exams. I saw Roos walk in and I thought, ‘I have to say hi.’ So, I
waited, and she asked what I was up to. I told her I was looking for jobs.”
A discussion with Roos turned into an interview, which turned into a job offer. That offer was accepted
on the spot, and now Cutcher is living her dream.
“Just loving the game as much as I do and being able to combine my passion for design and my love for the
game. It’s a win-win,” she said.
As video coordinator Cutcher is responsible for filming each game. She helps with scouting and designs
mailers for prospective student athletes, among a laundry list of other tasks.
Cutcher is one of 10 women in her family to graduate from BGSU, which makes working at her alma mater all
the more special.
“To be at BG is more meaningful to me than anything,” she said. “I was a student here, worked as an
intern, now working with women’s basketball.
“The people here are outstanding regardless of what area you’re in. The students are always willing to
help you. As an intern I was surrounded by fantastic role models to learn from — mentors. Now, with
women’s basketball I had a great staff before and I have a great staff now to learn from.”

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