BG school board adjusts meeting time


The Bowling Green school board will compromise on its meeting time.
The board set a new time at its organizational meeting on Thursday.
Newly-elected Board President Ginny Stewart reminded members that a meeting time was discussed at the
December board meeting and they had three weeks to consider a change.
“Considering we’ve heard from our constituents and we’ve all spoke about this, I’d like to offer a
compromise and suggest we start at 5:30,” said board member Jill Carr.
“As much as 5 o’clock is convenient for many people, it still allows people to leave work and get here,”
board member Paul Walker said about the suggestion.
He said he is not sure attendance increased when the board went to 6 p.m. in September. The board has
been meeting at 5 p.m. for years.
Board member Norman Geer had suggested in August moving the meeting to 6 to allow more people to attend.

“I’m willing to compromise to 5:30, that way people who do work until 5 can typically get here,” said
Stewart. “And we didn’t have a noticeable increase to keep it at 6.”
The new time will start at the Jan. 15 meeting.
The board will continue to meet at the Performing Arts Center on the third Tuesday of the month, except
for February when it will meet at Kenwood Elementary.
Board member Bill Clifford also asked the board to consider recording the meetings, either on a live or
delayed feed.
That would allow people who can’t make the meetings to still watch, he said.
“Makes sense,” Walker said.
Superintendent Francis Scruci was asked to find someone on staff to do it. He suggested the board do
Facebook Live.
In other action, the board elected Clifford as vice president and set the estimated revenues for the
general fund for the fiscal year beginning July 1.
Those revenues include general property taxes at $17.824 million; income taxes at $3.639 million; state
sources $10.434 million; and other miscellaneous sources for a total of $48.452 million.
Agency representatives also were set and include:
Student Achievement Liaison to the Ohio School Board Association: Walker
School System Athletic Advisory Board: Carr and Clifford
Legislative Liaison to the Ohio School Board Association: Clifford
Bowling Green School Foundation ex-officio member: Geer
District Facilities: Stewart
NEOLA Board Policy: Carr and Geer
Penta Career Center: Walker

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