To the Editor: Elmwood should stop asking for more money


Thank you Elmwood B.O.E. for listening to the voters about a forever tax. Now listen to what we
say of "every opportunity." When I asked Superintendent Borton if voters can say no, he said yes
but Board President King said he is going to give us "every opportunity to say yes" regardless of
election costs. To some, "every opportunity" is like twisting your arm until you say uncle. Maybe
you should show the voters some respect and let a few elections pass by until the tax is about the
expire.Superintendent Borton says the budget will be at a $125,000 deficit this year. The Board is
accountable for over $119,000 for the sports complex renovation this year. Does anyone see a connection? A
couple of years ago Superintendent Borton said he could pay for the renovation with the money saved by not
replacing five employees. Now President King says they hired three of those employees. Who should I believe
and when?If this renewal of new tax dollars is passed, will three board members decide to spend education
dollars on an expansion of the sports complex with a 9 hole golf course, swimming pool or soccer fields or
will the voting tax payers make that decision?At the recent board meeting Superintendent Borton tried to
explain the State Board grade of the Elmwood School District. He was most interested in how we compared with
like schools. That is a good approach, but I would also like to know how we compare with districts that have
the same approach to sports that Elmwood has. After all that was the excuse why we needed an all weather
track, every other school had one. With that in mind, I will also be curious as to how our educational
grades progress as a result of the $1.7 million sports complex renovation. We have several sports
championship banners. I wonder how many educational championships we have earned.Harry ReynoldsWayne

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