County Libertarians plan to address commissioners


The Libertarian Party of Wood County has voted its full support of the People Against the National
Defense Authorization Act’s (PANDA) Resolution being presented to the Wood County Commissioners. The
resolution, which is a protection of Wood County residents constitutionally guaranteed Right to Due Process,
is being discussed at the Wood County Commissioners meeting Tuesday."The National Defense Authorization
Act, NDAA, specifically sections 1021 and 1022, allow for the removal of Due Process of American Citizens
detained under such Act. This includes indefinite detention, as well no ability to face one’s accuser. These
are fundamental Constitutional rights, and we need to step up locally to nullify the NDAA and protect our
rights," said Nathan Eberly, Wood County Libertarian Party chairman.Leadership of the LPWC will join
PANDA Tuesday to present information to the commissioners for their review, and hopeful approval of the
resolution. The resolution as passed would act as nullifying the NDAA provisions on indefinite detention,
and allow the local sheriff to prevent anyone in Wood County from being subject to unconstitutional arrest
and loss of due process.

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