Judge tells Mendoza to keep his attorney, keeps trial date


Judge Alan Mayberry has denied a request from Cory Mendoza to dismiss his attorney, Adrian Cimerman.
Mendoza, 20, appeared in Wood County Common Pleas Court for a pre-trial hearing Friday.
The McClure resident has been in custody at the Wood County jail since October of 2008. He is scheduled
for a jury trial Feb. 1-5 before Mayberry on two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide in relation to
an October 2008 accident which claimed the lives of a Weston couple. He is also facing several other
charges in relation to the incident and could be sentenced to 47 years in prison.
“He shouldn’t represent me,” Mendoza told the judge.
Mendoza related that Cimerman had told him he should plead guilty to the charges and hope for mercy from
the court.
“To me it doesn’t make no sense,” the defendant said arguing he believes his attorney would not provide
adequate defense because he has not prepared to defend him properly.
“I have a lot of unanswered questions,” Mendoza said. “I deserve a fair trial where 14 individuals can
make up their mind. He’s already made up his mind,” he said of his attorney.
“Adrian Cimerman says there is nothing he can do but cross examine the witnesses. I feel like I’m being
hung out to dry,” he asserted.
Mayberry listed previous counsel which had been appointed for Mendoza and cited previous trial dates
which were vacated and rescheduled.
“This case has been dragging out since 2008,” Mayberry said. “So I’m not granting your motion to dismiss
Mr. Cimerman and delaying this again.”
The judge added that Cimerman likely only provided Mendoza with his opinion on the case, however he
believes the attorney would provide “competent” counsel and in fact called Cimerman “one of the best
attorneys in this area.”
Mayberry told Mendoza not only does he have a right to a fair trial, but the victims and their families
also “have a right to have this case tried.”
The judge then reaffirmed the trial date. Mendoza remains in the jail being held on $200,000 bond.

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