To the Editor: Rescue unwanted cats, dogs


Regardless of your opinion of Tom Skeldon’s extremely high euthanasia rate at the Lucas County Dog Pound,
we all can agree that Northwest Ohio, the state, and the nation have far too many unwanted dogs and
cats. 5 million animals were put down in 2008 nationwide. We can all help to greatly cut that number.

Step number one is to be certain that all of our pets have been spayed or neutered. This can be taken
care of at your local vet’s office or by contacting organizations like Humane Ohio and Planned Pethood
for low cost spay and neutering programs.
Step number two is to never purchase a dog or cat from a pet store or a breeder. If you wish to add to
your family by including a four-pawed member, start first at the dog pound. If no twitching tail catches
your eye, visit the Toledo or Wood County Humane Societies. 25% of all shelter animals are pure bred.
Still haven’t found the perfect addition to your family?
You can contact anyone of the numerous rescue groups: G.R.A.C.E. (Greyhound Retirement Adoption Care and
Education, Ohio Pug Rescue, Ohio Jack Russell Rescue in Rossford, Pooky Boo Pet Rescue in Toledo, Paws
and Whiskers Cat Shelter in Toledo, etc. Or you can contact This is an online rescue
organization that lists dogs and cats from humane societies and rescue groups across the nation. And
many purebred puppies are available as well. In fact two Portuguese Water Dog puppies were up for
adoption on Petfinder when President Obama was searching for the First Pet.
Don’t add to our throw-away American mentality. Rescue the unwanted and save a life so euthanasia can
Karen Wolf
Bowling Green

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