11th frame: Don Beebe rolls 237 triplicate

Few bowlers would turn down a 711 series.
However, Don Beebe’s 711 rolled last Tuesday in the Knights of Pythias League at Varsity Lanes is one to
cherish and remember.
Beebe rolled the series by rolling there consecutive 237 games. Although each game was quite different
for the bowler, they all finished with at least the last five strikes in the game.
In the first game, he had open frames in the first and fourth frames, before finishing with the last
eight strikes to hit 237. In the second game, Beebe opened in the first frame, added a double in the
fourth and fifth before finishing with the last six strikes in the game. He began the final game with a
double after four spares with one more strike mixed in, Beebe needed the final five strikes to hit the
triplicate mark.
Although not a city record, the 237 triplicate is believed to be the third highest rolled in Bowling
League ‘lites: Pancha Melendrez had a huge week on the lanes at Al-Mar Lanes, the center where she works.

After a "meager" 236 game for a 606 series last Monday in the Ladies Major, the scoring pace
quickly picked up.
On Tuesday in the Elks League, she rolled games of 268, 265 and 236 for a 716 set. On Wednesday in the
Stadium View Ladies Trio, she bowled games of 279 and 226 for a 676 series. Melendrez concluded her week
with games of 276, 227 and 205 for another 700, a 708 in the Saturday Mixed League.
¥ Alhough not a triplicate score, Mondo Calderon, bowling in the Saturday Mixed at Al-Mar, rolled games
of 256, 248 and 247 for a very consistent 750 series.
USBC awards: Both Roger Pierstorff and Brian Close earned United States Bowling Congress 11-in-a-row
awards on Wednesday in the American League at Al-Mar Lanes. Pierstoff reeled off the first 11 strikes in
his game, before finishing with a 7-count for a 297 game; while Close started with a spare and finished
with 11 consecutive strikes for a 290 game.
Surviving the game: The five bowlers eliminated in Al-Mar’s "Surviving the Game" with pins
under average were: Kyle Friedley, American, 106; Ron May, American, 99; Jerry Yohnke, Eagles, 89; James
Nickels, American, 88; and Rob Treen, Eagles, 84.
Youth of the Week: Youth bowlers who bowled the most pins over their average last week, with pins over,
were as follows.
Varsity: Bantam/Prep, Destiny Garner, 52, Dylan Kepling, 42; Major/Junior, Mallory Fritz, 67, Jacob
Houtz, 66.
Al-Mar: Bantam/Prep, Tyler Harroun, 50, Chloe Beeker, 34; Major/Junior, Jordan Franks, 71, Brandi Roller,
High Rollers:
Bowler (Lanes) Game Series
House shot
Pancha Melendrez (A)
268,236 716
Pancha Melendrez (A)
276,227 708
Pancha Melendrez (A)
279,226 676
MaryAnn Dimick (A)
265 670
Pancha Melendrez (A)
236 –
Donnie Backus (A) 279 787
Mondo Calderon (A)
– 750
Mike Metzker (V) – 749
Roger Pierstorff (A)
297 –
Brian Close (A) 290 –
Chris Bagrowski (A)
279 –
Youth house shot
Mallory Fritz (V) 220 –
Youth tourney shot
Jordan Jeffers (A)
253 679,889
Cameron Walter (A)
231 –
Brandi Roller (A
) 221 –
Eliza Downard (A)
210 –