The Eastwood School Board or better known as the Good Ole Boys Club or better yet, the Yes men, have got
to go. This school board of "See No Evil, Speak No Evil and Hear No Evil" have finally
alienated the voters of this district with their half-truths, shameful display of respect and most of
all the idea of keep telling a lie and after a while people will start to believe it.
It is time that Eastwood Schools start living within their budget. We are not against education, but
against waste. Tax, tax again and keep on taxing seems the new wave in education, sorry we don’t agree.

Education is what makes a school, not new buildings. Education defines who people are, what they do and
most of all how they handle themselves in society. The sloppiness displayed in and by this school and
the idea they can hoodwink the voters like a carnival barker has got to stop. We have heard this same
spiel over and over. Let’s eliminate this giant rubber stamp and the yes men that control it. Eastwood,
as with all of us, must learn to live within their budgets no matter how much it hurts.
Larry and Dalene Hickman