To the Editor: Base Otsego board votes on facts, not hearsay


I read with interest the letter from Mayor Lashuay. Despite numerous attempts by the Otsego Board of
Education and the administrators of the district, misinformation continues to circulate around the
district. There has not been any recent land acquisition by the board of education. The last property
purchase was approximately 14 acres purchased on Feb. 8, 2002.
The board and administrators have pursued the highest level of reimbursement possible for the high school
building project; Mayor Lashuay’s statement is not accurate. The board has been diligent in their
efforts to make difficult decisions based on what is best for current students and generations to come.
Change is hard! I believe change is good. We grow and learn with change.
I just ask that the voters in the Otsego School District make their decision at the polls based on facts
and not hearsay. Talk to the candidates and find out why they want to be on the board.
I support Daren Garmenn, William Gase and William Wynn as candidates for Otsego Board of Education. These
three individuals have no hidden agendas. They are community members that want to make a positive
difference. They want to continue to help move Otsego Schools and their students in the direction of
success and achievement.
Lisa Ann Hatfield
Grand Rapids

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