To the Editor: Get facts on Perrysburg Twp. zoning issue


Residents of Perrysburg Township,
In November we will be asked to vote for or against an issue regarding the zoning in the Thompson and
Neiderhouse Road area. The trustees approved the zoning with stipulations placed on the developers.
Don’t be fooled by the few self-centered people who are asking for the zoning change to be overturned.
These people have placed their own agenda ahead of all the residents of Perrysburg Township. In their
petition to place this referendum on an earlier ballot, they misled residents as to what the zoning
changes are.
The trustees reviewed all the information they were presented and made a decision based on what benefits
the whole township. They, under the guidance of the Wood County Prosecutor’s Office, decided not to
certify the referendum petition which was circulated. I adamantly refused to sign the petition when the
knock came upon my door. The petitioner explained to me the small lots, the plan for a trailer park, and
other facts which did not exist. When I pointed out the erroneous information he was upset at how he had
been misled and in turn had been misleading people to sign the petition.
Neighbors speak out. Don’t allow a decision made by the trustees to be overturned for the self-centered
Sharon Gross
Perrysburg Township

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