Weston Council frustrated with ongoing problems with youngsters


WESTON – Unsupervised children are causing concerns for village officials in several areas.
During Monday’s council meeting, Mayor Howard Lashuay reported vandals had set fire to the porta-potty at
one of the parks. He announced he didn’t think the sheriff deputies who patrol the town cover the parks
Administrator Chris Douglas agreed, saying he told some youth to go home one night when it was around
10:45. "They’re not enforcing it at all," he said of the town’s 10 p.m. curfew.
When Councilwoman Tammy McClellan asked what enforcement entailed, Douglas said council asked deputies to
take the children home to their parents. "You’re right, Mr. Mayor, it’s not getting across. I don’t
know what needs to be done."
"If parents aren’t controlling kids, they’re doing what they want to do," stated Lashuay.
"It doesn’t seem to do any good to have a talk with anybody. It gets blown off." He is aware
of a small group of youth walking the streets at 3 a.m., whom he judged to be minors.
He wants deputies to take minors who are breaking rules to Bowling Green, so if parents have to drive
there to pick them up "it won’t be long before it gets around town." He stressed the curfew is
10 p.m. weekdays and weekends.
Lashuay added there is not to be any skateboarding on the sidewalks, but youth still do that, including
at the library and post office. Douglas said the sidewalks were lettered to prohibit skateboarding
because of business complaints.
When McClennan asked where children are allowed to skateboard, Councilman Mark Sheffer responded the
Church of Christ was "pretty forgiving" of youth who use their parking lot. Lashuay reminded
council the village had a skateboard park until it was vandalized. Sheffer asked Solicitor Tom
Bamburowski to bring a sample ordinance against skateboarding if it’s not covered by the Ohio Revised
Earlier in the meeting Sheffer expressed concern about two incidents he witnessed Monday where children
on bicycles had practiced unsafe riding. A girl was riding on the sidewalk, then rode out onto the
street from between two parked cars. He also had an incident involving six children on bicycles on
Center Street.
He urged parents to better teach their children about safe bicycle operation.
Following the discussion on problems with youth in town, Sheffer noted all four areas of concern –
breaking curfew, unsafe bicycle riding, skateboarding against the rules and burning the outhouse –
involved poor parenting.
Fire Chief Randy Tolles announced the fire truck which had been damaged in the accident at Sand Ridge
Road and Ohio 235 was back in service, and added thanks to the village employees who cleared the ditches
of brush which provided better visibility.
Tolles also announced the old Kern property on Taylor Street is tentatively set for burning as a fire
training exercise. No date has been set because the issue is in the hands of the EPA, but the chief said
residents would get a letter about it. Council approved the burning.
He reported Rob Trumbull is back again as captain at the fire department. The position was only
temporarily vacated.
Council expressed appreciation to resident Sharon Biggins who has taken it upon herself to take care of
the flower pots decorating Main Street. It was noted Biggins has volunteered her time for several years
and also does flowers at Merrill Park. It was agreed to send her a thank you card.
Council approved funding to pay for the mowing of the south side of the ditch which runs from Center
Street to Main Street. The cost will be about $64 per hour for the work.
Bamburowski reported the state’s tax abatement program is set to expire Oct. 25 but it may be extended
for one year. Its focus is on industrial enterprise, not commercial or retail activity.

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