Rally to push principles of Constitution


PERRYSBURG – A pro-Constitution rally this weekend will celebrate the principles that birthed the
document upon which the country was founded.
The Northwest Ohio Pro-Constitution Rally, organized by two local citizens, will be held Saturday from 11
a.m. to 1 p.m. near the Commodore Perry Monument in Hood Park, 105 W. Front St. A group of nine speakers
will speak about current issues that relate to the core principles of the U.S. Constitution.
The event will emphasize a theme of states’ rights, and organizers are encouraging attendees to promote
causes they believe in rather than protest political issues that they oppose.
For that reason, the organizers are distinguishing their event from the recent TEA Party initiatives.
Sara Lewis, a Perrysburg resident who coordinated the event with Adrianne Lee of Bowling Green, said
discussion would touch upon the general expansion of federal power but would not focus on criticism of a
particular administration. Like the TEA Parties, however, the event is billed as non-partisan and
supports adherence to the Constitution and the intentions of the founding fathers.
"Over the last couple of decades it seems like the federal government has been getting bigger and
sort of overstepping some bounds of how the Constitution was set up for the states to have their
separate sovereignty," she said.
Lewis said the rally is not a counter-protest to the TEA Parties. A Web page for the rally,
www.mylibertybelle.com, includes links to TEA Party movement sites.
At this weekend’s rally, members of the public are encouraged to bring signs to the event that highlight
key Constitutional concerns.
The rally site provides examples for slogans, such as, "The Constitution is not neutral. It was
designed to take the government off the backs of people." And, "Mistrust of government is the
bedrock of freedom."
Topics to be addressed by speakers from the community include: the cost of freedom; the constitutional
model; the founding fathers; and economics.
"We really encouraged all of our speakers to have a positive emphasis," Lewis said.
Lewis said the event is also intended to encourage residents to hold their elected officials to the
tenets of the Constitution – to thank those officials who have followed the Constitution closely and to
let others know their decisions have strayed from the principals outlined in the document.

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