BGSU to offer Suzuki musical instruction to community residents starting in the fall


Bowling Green State University’s Creative Arts Program will offer Suzuki musical instruction on campus
beginning this fall in partnership with the Toledo Symphony School of Music.
Developed by Japanese educator Shinichi Suzuki, the Suzuki method is founded on the belief that all
students can develop their abilities in music if they learn through a "mother tongue"
approach, based on the means by which young children learn their first language. The method prioritizes
imitation, repetition, listening, learning in individual and group settings, and parental involvement.

Students as young as 2 can begin Suzuki instruction.
The symphony’s School of Music offers each student a comprehensive musical experience.
Each student who joins the stringed instrument program will receive private instruction, group lessons in
which students learn in conjunction with their peers, and enrichment activities including music theory
and appreciation, eurhythmics, special guests and multiple performance opportunities.
Lessons will be offered at BGSU as well as at the symphony’s Education Center (1838 Parkwood Ave. in
Students will develop their instrumental skills in collaboration with skilled Toledo Symphony musicians
with graduate-level degrees, all certified as Suzuki instructors. Suzuki study also teaches discipline,
focus and attention to detail while strengthening relationships between the student and parents, peers
and teachers.
"This program fits in with the core mission of the College of Musical Arts’ Creative Arts Program,
which is to offer quality music educational experiences to our community," said Susan Knapp,
director of public events for the college.
To register for the program, contact Jessica Ascheilman, TSSM education coordinator, at 419-418-0022 or
[email protected].

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