Transfers: 7-23

The following property transfers have been filed through the Wood County Real Estate Division.
July 1
¥ 0 Hammansburg Road, Henry Township, commercial structure, from Mary A. Blackall, to Gerald and Diane
Heinze, $2,625.
¥ 0 Carter Road, Middleton Township, 80 acres, farm, from Mary K. Buchman, to American Title Agency Inc.,
trustee, $305,900.
¥ 411 Conneaut Ave., Bowling Green, residential, from Marcy L. and Joshua W. Venis, to Lewis B. Smith,
July 2
¥ 0 Reynolds Road, Portage Township, 5 acres, farm, from Marilyn Aurand, to Brian R. and Kristen L.
Endicott, $30,000.
¥ 2408 McKinley Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from James D. and Rachel E. Kanable, to Thomas W. Shields,
July 13
¥127 E. Second St., Perrysburg, commercial structure, from Kazmaier Enterprises Inc., to Kazmaier Real
Estate LLC, $1 million.
¥ 24544 Village Lane, Grand Rapids, residential, from estate of Shirley A. Agen, to Steven L. Blausey and
Robin Agen-Blausey, $100,000.
¥ 542 E. Indiana Ave., Perrysburg, residential, from Joseph D’Amato, to Jennifer L. Dykes, $113,500.
¥ 20585 U.S. 6, Weston, residential, from Frances Dunning, by Wood County Sheriff, to Federal Home Loan
Mortgage Corp., $66,000.
¥ 3484 Hanley Road, Perrysburg, mechanics bay, from Wood County Sheriff, to Shivganga LLC, $800,000.
¥ 14705 Ramblehurst, Perrysburg, residential, from T&J Investors, to Nicholas D. and Sarah M.
Lindsey, $199,000.
¥ 2701 Joseph Road, Luckey, residential, from Larry M. Bunch, to Bank of America National Assoc.,
¥ 123 Pearl St., Bowling Green, residential, from Larry Bell, et. al., by Wood County Sheriff, to First
Federal Bank of the Midwest, $108,000.
¥ 29672 Durham Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from Thomas A. Swigart, by Wood County Sheriff, to U.S. Bank
National Assoc. as trustee, $184,000.
¥ 1000 Ebersole Blvd., Fostoria, residential, from Randy and Mary Saldusky, by Wood County Sheriff, to
KeyBank National Assoc., $28,000.
¥ 121 Aspen, Perrysburg, residential, from Nicholas D. and Sarah M. Lindsey, to Matthew R. and Lynne A.
Finfrock, $150,000.
July 14
¥ 29785 Sussex Road, Perrysburg, residential, from William J. Ross, by Wood County Sheriff, to Directions
Credit Union, $120,000.
¥ 8444 Birchwood Hollow, Northwood, residential, from Kimberly Harris, et. al., by Wood County Sheriff,
to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $92,000.
¥ 209 N. Grove St., Walbridge, residential, from Julie Bedford, by Wood County Sheriff, to Wells Fargo
Bank as trustee, $50,000.
¥ 3775 Truman Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Carol Miller, executrix of the Elizabeth N. Conley
estate, to Norman Zavela, $37,000.
¥ 25105 Rocky Harbour Dr. and 15856 River View Place, Perrysburg, residential, from BVP Construction
Ltd., by Wood County Sheriff, to First Place Bank, $292,000.
¥ 1058 Anna Lane, Bowling Green, residential, from Carl F. Metz III and Jacqueline Metz, trustees, to
Christopher and Kimberly Tezak, $157,000.
July 15
¥ 0, 187 and 193 Maple St., Rossford, from Ross Harbor Properties Ltd., to Silvio Veluscek, $30,000.
¥ 214 N. Main St., Walbridge, residential, from Fannie Mae, to Karri Danner, $30,000.
¥ 21148 Dunbridge Road, Dunbridge, residential, from the Huntington National Bank, to Douglas Isaacson
and Robin Rummel, $60,000.
¥ 0 and 901 Gould St., Northwood, residential, from Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Assoc., to
Steven P. Garey, $40,000.
July 16
¥ 352 Blue Jacket Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Tracy L. and Marc W. Beller, to Prudential
Relocation Inc., $197,500.
¥ 352 Blue Jacket Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Prudential Relocation Inc., to Nathan E. and Tracy
A. Pool, $197,500.