Little things like a door knob and mailbox can boost home’s appeal


These ideas about curb appeal are good to use whether you are selling or just sprucing up the home for
your own enjoyment.
How about adding a door knocker to the front door? There are so many door knockers to choose from, one is
bound to strike your fancy. Do a Google search of "door knockers" and you’ll find so many that
it might take days to view them all. Cost will vary according to size and complexity.
How about replacing the door knob? New door knobs will also perk up that front entrance. If your house is
painted in warm colors, a brass or copper knob will be appropriate. If your house is more on the cool
colors, such as pale shades or white, silver metals will look great. And don’t forget to freshen up the
hinges, kick plate and doorbell to match. All of this should cost around $100.
How about window boxes to add charm to flowerbeds around the house? They are easy to install. Brackets
screw right into the house. If you choose wooded boxes, they can be painted to complement your house
colors. If you choose synthetic boxes, they require no maintenance and they do have a good look to them.
Now just add plants or flowers and create a great, homey feel. The box should cost around $50.
Let’s expand on those flowers or plants going into the window boxes. Rather than filling the boxes with
dirt and planting seeds, just insert potted plants or flowers right in the pot. Buy flowers or plants in
their ceramic or outdoor container pots and simply insert them, pot and all, into the window boxes.
Voila! Instant beauty. The cost will be anywhere from $50 to $100 depending on how many window boxes you
have and how many pots.
Think of outdoor house lights as jewelry. Hang a nice piece of that jewelry by the front door for a warm
and inviting feeling at night. By day, that same piece of jewelry just looks good. Landscape lights
really make a home pop at night. Hardware stores have easy-to-install landscape lighting that even goes
on and off at dusk and dawn or with timers so you can have the lights come on at dusk and off four to
six hours later. To light up your house outside, the cost will be anywhere from $25 to $150.
How old is your mailbox? Perhaps it is time for a new one. If it is still in pretty good shape, consider
repainting it for a fresh look. If it is beyond that, replacing it will be the way to go. The cost will
be $50 to $100.
All of these ideas came from the July 2009 issue of ShopSmart. Try one or try them all even if you are
not selling your home.
(Sadez Friedmann is an interior designer in Naples, Fla.)

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