To the Editor: BG convention bureau praised


Kudos to Wendy Stram and the BG Visitors and Convention Bureau!
Kudos to the downtown merchants, Main St. Bowling Green, the Bowling Green Chamber, the volunteers who
helped on Sunday with the picnic/party downtown for the FMCA, the city of Bowling Green, the Wood County
Fairgrounds, BGSU, and all of the others who worked so hard to put this together for our community!
What a wonderfully fun and entertaining event! What a great opportunity to showcase our town! What a
fantastic job you have done!
The comments from the FMCA community ranged from: what a lovely town this is, to how friendly and nice a
community we have, to how impressed they are with our downtown that is vibrant and thriving, to how
welcome they feel here and more. One lady even told me she hasn’t met a grouchy or rude person in
Bowling Green. This group has brought a much needed financial boost to our town. For that, we are
extremely grateful!
But more importantly, they have brought an awareness of just how much the hard work, the pride and
respect, and the atmosphere of the Bowling Green community stands out among the rest.
Times are rough right now. The economy, layoffs, closure, it has affected all of us. But the community
has something equally important. We are a community that cares, a community that makes strangers feel
welcome and at home. A community that knows how to shine, care and say hey, we’re glad you’re here.
To the FMCA community, thanks for coming and we’d love to see you all come back again. You all are great!

To Wendy and the rest – good job! No – make that a fantastic job!
Maryann Sandusky-Gibson
Bowling Green

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