Rossford tables traffic light maintenance


ROSSFORD – The director of public works has endorsed a proposal to have the Ohio Department of
Transportation take over maintenance of five traffic signals in the Crossroads of America area.
The proposal, which was up for its third reading at Monday’s meeting, was tabled.
Ken Hermes, who has questioned whether the city should spend the $15,000 on the contract, asked that it
be tabled. He indicated he would vote against it. Council was meeting with only four of seven members
present, so Hermes’ vote would have denied the measure a council majority. Hermes has asked the city to
provide figures on how much it has been sending maintaining those lights, which serve high traffic
areas, in the retail development area.
Dave Jones, public works director, said his department has spent about $6,000 this year alone on
maintaining the lights
"Every time we have an electrical storm, bam, something happens," he said.
Sometimes, he said, it’s just a matter of his going out to reset the signal – a job, he said, he doesn’t
charge the city for. If it’s more complicate, he said, he has to call in an outside contractor at the
cost of $300 an hour. The outside contractor also gets called if the light malfunctions and he’s away
from the city.
Jones said fixing the lights, especially those in 55-mph zones, pose safety problems. He does not have
the manpower to lay out cones for a couple miles before the lights to ensure traffic slows down for
Also, the state is already paying for maintenance of one of those signals, the one at Lime City and Ohio
At an earlier meeting City Administrator Ed Ciecka said the state has been maintaining the light, and
only just realized it is actually the city’s responsibility.
Jones said with the telemetry installed in the lights, ODOT diagnoses problems and resets lights from its
Now, in order for him to find out that the signals are malfunctioning, he relies on reports from police.

Still Hermes said the amount being spent doesn’t justify spending $15,000 a year.
The council is expected to act on the measure when it meets July 27 at 7 p.m. Council had been
anticipating canceling that meeting, but because of the low attendance at Monday’s session, which meant
only ordinances and resolutions on their third readings could be passed, the meeting will now be held.

Also tabled at the request of Larry Oberdorf and Jim Richards, who were absent, was a resolution opposing
replacing the TARTA property tax with an income tax levy.
At its July 27 meeting council will also take up an ordinance rewriting rules for parking at private
residences in the city and a resolution to place a 1-mill levy to purchase fire equipment on the
November ballot.

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