To the Editor: Portage’s reputation speaks for itself


I am responding to John Slaughterbeck’s letter to me about Portage. Well, here in Perrysburg we care
about our children too, that’s why we teach them not to go near the street. My daughter knew the danger
before she was even 2 years old. I grew up in Cygnet which I believe is the same size or bigger than
Portage. It lost its police when I was younger, and does just fine with sheriff’s patrol. I actually
live outside of Perrysburg and the speed limit is 55 and children do just fine.
As far as "undeserving" people getting tickets; I don’t need to respond to that because
Portage’s police reputation among other local police forces, courts, and the rest of Wood County speaks
for itself.
As far as kids crossing the street at the bus stop: when a child gets off a bus the little stop sign
flips out and makes all traffic stop to let the children cross the street. And lets not pretend that
there is never an opportunity to cross the street. And about the "stay on 75" comment – as
unneighborly as that is – I already do that for the reasons everybody does. However, I would not tell
you to stay on 75 and avoid Perrysburg on your way to Maumee.
Chris Carpenter

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