To the Editor: It’s time for Obama & Congress to stop blaming Bush


Those of us who attended Tea Parties on July 4th are saying "no" to additional taxes and
"no" to increasing government controls. The budget deficit has increased during President
Obama’s short term more than under all previous presidents combined. Yes, President Obama inherited a
large debt from President Bush. Congress passes legislation based on personal agendas – think about pork
barrels – rather than representing the interests of their constituents.
It’s time for this president and this Congress to stop blaming the former administration and deal with
the problem. Remember President Obama told Americans that they needed to learn to live within their
means? Our national debt is astronomical and will continue to grow exponentially with reckless spending
on questionable stimulus packages, bailouts, cap and trade, and government controlled health care. Think
about that – government controlled health care – then think about government controlled Social Security;
government controlled Amtrak; government controlled Medicare and Medicaid programs; government
controlled post office; government controlled FEMA response to Hurricane Katrina – get the picture?
We believe that Americans are creative, industrious and ingenious. Given the opportunity, without
staggering taxes and government mandates, Americans (not the government) will rise to the occasion and
develop their own solutions. Think about Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver, Eli
Whitney, Melvil Dewey, Bill Gates, and Lee Iacocca, to name a few.
Tea Parties are bipartisan events. Yes, some people at the Perrysburg Tea Party on July 4th carried signs
against Obama. However, those Obama supporters who showed up to protest saying they thought "the
other side" should be represented missed the point. Or maybe we missed their point – maybe they
truly want higher taxes, inflation and increased government control in their lives.
Don’t tread on us,
David and Ruby Bell
Bowling Green

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