30 county equestrians qualify for state fair

Nearly 100 youth showed a horse or pony in the Wood County Horse State Fair qualifying show on Saturday
in Bowling Green.
Of those showing, there were 30 4-H members who performed above the level needed to attend the Ohio State
Fair Horse Show, which runs July 28-31.
The following youth qualified:
Alisha Schumaker and Brianna Schumaker, both of Black Swamp Outlaws; Alannah Abrams, Buckeye Buckaroos;
Jane Emmenecker, Cactus Kids;
Stacey Pape, Jenna Workman, Ellen Johns, Jonelle Nissen, Mackenzie Phelps, Logan Phelps, Delainey Phelps,
Kavanaugh Phelps and Cody Flinchum, all of Horses R Us.
Katie Davis, Amanda Ashley, Becky Kahle, Claire Sutton, Stacie Recker, Amanda Smith, Sarah Recker, Nonie
Booher, Rachelle Viola and Makaila Cain, all of Rough Riders.
Jessica Slowinski, Saddles N Surreys; Riley Herman and Erin Nelson, both Silver Spurs; Hailey McCarron,
Amber Pasquale and Mackenzie Stewart, all Sunset Saddlers; and Kaleigh Obrock, Wood N Horses.