Elmwood FFA members attend two camps


The Elmwood FFA recently sent five members to the third session of Ohio FFA Camp near Carrolton. Those
attending included Mitch Emmitt, Jessica McGrain, Amanda Peters, Jessica McKenzie and Josh Schnipke.
Highlights of the week included members participating in a variety of athletic competitions including
softball, volleyball, table tennis, basketball, tetherball and horseshoes.
Chapter competition also involved participation in archery, rifle, shotgun, cornhole, speaking events, a
talent show and leadership challenges. Other activities for the week included a water carnival, motor
boating, swimming and personal development workshops.
Third-year campers had the opportunity to complete community service by assisting with those who have
mental disabilities. Second-year campers completed the high ropes course, and an overnight camp out.
The chapter’s five FFA members were partially sponsored to attend camp thanks to assistance from the
Elmwood FFA Alumni.
Five days after the chapter’s return from FFA Camp, seven members embarked on a trip to Washington D.C.
to experience the National FFA’s Washington Leadership Conference. Those attending were Lindsey Heller,
Jessica Myers, Kylie Snowden, Jessica McKenzie, Amanda Peters, Josh Schnipke and Shelby George.
The trip began by traveling to Hershey, Pa., and visiting the world famous Hershey Chocolate Factory.
Time was also spent at the Hershey amusement park.
An additional stop on the way to Washington included visiting Gettysburg National Military Park. One
additional visit was made to the Boyd’s Bear Country just outside of Gettysburg. The conference runs
through today.
While in Washington, the members will meet with U.S. Congressman Robert Latta, conduct community service
in the Washington area, visit Arlington National Cemetery, undergo numerous personal development
activities and interact with FFA members from across the nation.

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