To the Editor: Perrysburg man: Our freedoms are being taken away


Please understand where our country is headed with this current administration. They are rapidly changing
the focus of our country from a capitalist country where free enterprise and small business are at the
core of our economy to a completely government-controlled country. Beware, our freedoms are being taken
away and you are going to wake up one day and not be able to recognize your own country. Take the
current cap and tax debacle. This bill is an absolute scam! It is going to do nothing but increase your
taxes to the tune of several thousand dollars per year. Obama campaigned on a promise of not raising
taxes and everything he has done so far is leading down that path of higher taxes, less jobs and more
reliance on the government for your needs. Everyone needs to understand that this administration wants
you to rely on them for everything. It gives them power and their power is going to lead us to a
two-tier class system: us and them. Them being those in power control everything and us the little
pions. Let’s also talk about the current debate regarding nationalized health care. That too, will do
nothing but limit our choices and lesson the quality of our health care. Look at every nation that has
socialized medicine. Where do they turn when they are turned away by their own country for a necessary
medical procedure? Why of course, the United States health care system. Why would we be stupid enough to
move to socialized medicine when it clearly does not work in other countries. I am urging everyone to
wake up and see what is happening to our country. Please care, please know what could possibly be passed
on to your children and grandchildren. We need more freedom and less taxes; not more government control
and less money in our pocket.
Tom Greive

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