Bradner cuts fees for pool


BRADNER – Now that the village’s pool is open in time for July’s heat, council has agreed to reduced
memberships for the remainder of summer.
At its last meeting, members agreed to charge $50 for single persons and $30 for senior citizens. It also
made official the family rate of $100. A single gate admission is $3. Regular membership prices are
normally $175 for families, $80 for singles and $55 for senior citizens.
It was agreed the reduced charges are just for this summer because of the shorter swimming season. A
number of expensive
repairs were made to the pool in June before it could be opened for the summer.
In spite of cooler temperatures when the pool opened last week, Manager Adam Heckler reported 38 children
swam on Wednesday and 13 on Thursday. Because the hours can be set by the manager, Heckler said when
there are eight or fewer people in the pool, he gives them a half hour more to swim, then closes it
When asked the average attendance, he replied some days there are 120 swimmers. "It’s so temperature
variant," Heckler stated.
Council agreed to pay the head lifeguard 50 cents above minimum wage and his staff, minimum wage plus 10
cents per hour for each year of experience.
A major portion of the meeting was a discussion with Rodney and Kathleen Wright about their property line
and the location of the sidewalk they want to install. They are ready to install the walk but a survey
they paid for showed the walk is not on the village right-of-way but several feet inside their property
Mayor Virgil Shull Jr. countered that a sewer survey which the village had done in 1990 said the sidewalk
placement is right.
After a lengthy discussion, it was agreed that a comparison should be made of the two surveys by the
engineers to see if they used the same starting points.
"We don’t have a problem abiding by the rules, but everyone else should, too," stated Rodney
During a discussion about sidewalk width, the mayor stressed they must be five feet wide, which is
included in the village’s sidewalk ordinance. Even if a new sidewalk will join a narrower one, the new
one must be five feet wide and taper down to meet the smaller one.
Council approved Beth Amos as the lieutenant to assist the EMS chief.

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