4H News: 7-11


Country Guys & Gals
The Country Guys and Gals 4-H club held a meeting on June 14. Float and booth ideas were discussed and
voted on.
Demonstrations included Lydia Davis on types of vets and Brittany Gross, eating healthy.
Refreshments consisted of treats and drinks.
The club’s annual farm tour and potluck took place June 28. Following the tour members held a meeting
setting a date to work on the float.
Demonstrations at that meeting included Samantha Shaffer on breeds of cattle; Emily Curtis, Tory Hillard,
Tiffany Hillard, and Madison Hillard on sign language; and Emilia Shaffer, making fleece blankets.
The next meeting is to be held July 26, at 7:15 p.m. at Portage Township Hall.
Dowling Stitch, Stir and Stock
On Wednesday 19 members of the Dowling, Stitch, Stir and Stock 4-H Club met at the Luckey Legion.
They discussed their new and old business and met in committees. Leah Tressel did her demonstration on
her cooking project. She talked about what you need to eat for breakfast everyday, like fruit,
vegetables, milk, eggs, or cheese.
This was the last meeting of the year, but the club’s parents’ night is July 22 at 6 p.m. at the Luckey
On July 15 at 1 p.m. the club members are to meet at Erin Dennis’ house to work on the booth.
Blue Ribbon Rangers
The Blue Ribbon Rangers 4-H Club met on Monday. Members were reminded once again to sign up to bring
refreshments if they have not already done so, and also to pay the dues which are $5. All dues must be
turned in at the next meeting.
More T-shirt designs were presented and it was decided that members would make new show shirts with the
club name and also a club T-shirt that corresponds with this year’s fair booth theme. Members will have
the chance to order one or both of these T-shirts.
The club made approximately $250 from the car wash and bake sale that was held at Wolf’s Blooms and
Berries. Members decided to use the money to buy supplies for the booth and barn decorating and to
donate the remaining money to a charity. Livestock interview judging was held Tuesday and miscellaneous
judging was Thursday.
Members who could not go to the judging are asked to tell an adviser so that they can set up a time for
you to make it up with one of them.
It was decided that the 4-H club will ride on a wagon in the fair parade this year.
The Showmanship Clinic will be held at 4:30 p.m. on July 19 at Nathan Eckel’s home. Each committee was
assigned something to bring.
The club activity committee is asked to bring a dessert. Fundraising was asked to bring drinks, the booth
committee was asked to bring a salad, and the community service committee was asked to bring a side
dish. Family members are also invited to attend the clinic and to stay for the potluck that is to
Families are asked to RSVP at or before the next meeting with the amount of people that will be attending
the potluck. Everyone is also asked to bring their own plate and utensils.
The committees met and members are asked to bring a non-perishable food item to the next meeting for the
food pantry. Donating to the food pantry will be the club’s community service project for this year.
The club’s shift in the milk shake barn will be Aug. 9 from 4:30 until 6:30 p.m. Members are asked to
come and work the milk shake barn and any parents that can help are asked to do so.
The next meeting will be held at Wolf’s Blooms and Berries from 7:30 until 9 p.m. Members will be
painting barn signs and making booth decorations so they should wear painting clothes.
Haskins Clover Crew
Haskins Clover Crew 4-H Club met July 1 at the Wenig Farm.
In old business, the group is continuing to collect eye glasses for Third World countries. So far the
club has collected 81 pairs. Erica Tack passed out flyers for us to hang up in area businesses to get
even more glasses collected. Get well cards were also collected to send to area hospitals for children.

Morgan Smoyer gave a demonstration on how to clean and cut vegetables. She also made a dip for members to
sample with the vegetables. Maddy Kregel gave a demonstration on "Count Down to Show Day,"
showing how to get her pigs ready for show day.
Mallory Beach demonstrated scrapbooking. She gave the club members many tips that she learned by taking
the project like using one or two pictures per page. Luke Beach gave a demo on his woodworking project.
He showed us all kinds of tools and how they work by demonstrating on a piece of wood.
Megan Ortiz talked about how to use your imagination with clothing and coming up with different costumes
for using in her project, "Set the Stage." Alex Wenig gave a demonstration by explaining
various different kinds of chicken coops.
Emily McVeigh and Kregel showed how to play volleyball. Mackenzie Varner gave a demo on four first aid
acts, talking about what to do if you have bites, cuts or scrapes.
Erica Noble’s presentation was on horse care as she talked about all of the tools to take care of her
project, "Horseless Horse." Mackenzie Wenig gave a demo on Rockest and Newton’s Law of Motion.
She did several experiments showing the law of motion. She ended her presentation with setting off a
rocket that went so far and high that it took members quite some time before it was found.
Saddles ‘n’ Surreys
The Saddles ‘n’ Surrey 4-H horse club met July 9 at the Wood County Fairgrounds.
At this meeting members rode for about an hour and worked on certain skills. The members had a
showmanship lesson and each person had to do the pattern with their horse. The club is planning a
decorating committee meeting early next week. The theme for this year is "Flower Power" so
members painted the wooden headboard on the barn yellow with bright flowers all over it.
Maddy Cook, Delaney Cook, Ellen Pierce, Kaitlyn Rife, and Andrea Kotula as well as others from the club
helped paint and so did some of the parents.
The next meeting is Thursday and it will be held at Char Lusk’s house.

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