To the Editor: Powell school presentation praised

Thanks and congratulations are extended to Marlene North, principal of Powell Elementary School in North
Baltimore, and Lynette Brown, Wood County Educational Service Center school psychologist assigned to
Powell, for their recent presentation, Response to Intervention: One School’s Success Story.
Wood County Educational Service Center sponsored this event with the hope that teams of teachers from
several schools would learn how to better meet the needs of all students. We anticipated that about 50
people would attend, and we were quite pleased to welcome over 100 participants! This was especially
notable because this event occurred on June 2nd, and the children had just started their summer
Teams of teachers and principals were in attendance from five Wood County school districts, Genoa, Van
Wert, Paulding and the Wood County Educational Service Center. The evaluations reflected a genuine
appreciation for what they had learned, and desire to have North and Brown repeat their presentation for
other educators.
Powell Elementary parents can be assured that they are sending their students to an incredible school.

Luci Gernot
Assistant Superintendent
Wood County Educational Service Center