Perrysburg Twp. fire department requests two additional broadcasting frequencies


PERRYSBURG – The township fire department will try to obtain base licenses for two more broadcasting
frequencies to comply with a county initiative to organize emergency radio traffic.
The trustees approved an expense of $800 Monday for the fire department to apply for F3 and F4 fire band
base licenses from the Federal Communications Commission. The additional frequencies would allow the
department to monitor communications on the ground without cluttering its relatively busy F1 and F2
frequencies, which county agencies are being asked to reserve for paging units and for communications
with dispatch.
"The problem was everybody was using F1 for everything, so it got very congested," Deputy Fire
Chief Tom Brice said of county radio traffic prior to county efforts to clean up the frequency bands.

Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn said his office began providing F3 and F4 frequency licenses in June
for the county’s 22 agencies to use while working scenes. The township, and all other county agencies,
can now communicate on those frequencies. But the township would like approval of base licenses to
monitor its own traffic on those frequencies.
Before the initiative to spread radio traffic across more frequencies, the sheriff said, "it’s been
a free-for-all" on the first two fire bands.
One of the consequences of the county’s heavy radio chatter is the risk of delaying tornado sirens or
paging tones.
Wasylyshyn said area departments will convene again in September to evaluate the progress of adopting the
new frequencies and to discuss any necessary adjustments.
Although the township will apply for the base licenses, no guarantee exists that the FCC will approve the
request. Brice said federal restrictions on licensing for entities whose broadcasts might rub against
Canadian frequencies might complicate the township’s request.
The trustees also approved a request from the police department to spend its share, $312, for a grant
writer with Public Safety Consultants to seek funding for a records management system that would allow
collaboration between the Perrysburg Township, Lake Township, Rossford and Northwood police departments.

"It will give us the capability to look at each other’s reports, look at each other’s calls,"
Police Chief Ed Stribrny said. "We’re all in the same area here."
The system would allow the departments to share resources, such as computer-aided dispatch and a mapping
system. The township will be responsible for an additional $250 if the grant is awarded.
A purchase order request of $990 also was approved for a docking station assembly to be placed in the
department’s new Dodge Charger. A related request of $1,770 was approved for the purchase of parts for
the vehicle from Statewide Emergency Products, including light brackets, outside speakers, a console and
shipping costs.
The board also voted to allow the department to donate its expired bullet-proof vests to the Owens
Community College Police Academy, so students can practice working with the vests under various
Kraig Gottfried, maintenance supervisor, said Envirocare Lawn and Landscaping has been removing several
ash trees around Deimling Road, Hickory Street and Bayer Road. He said "quite a few" trees
will need to be removed on Five Point Road in the fall.

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