Perrysburg will host anti-taxing ‘TEA Party’


PERRYSBURG – A "TEA Party" will be held this weekend to rally support for restraining
government spending and reach.
The grass-roots initiative called Taxed Enough Already will host a meeting Saturday at Hood Park –
located downtown along the Maumee River at Louisiana Avenue and Front Street – from 10-11 a.m. for those
concerned about expanding government power, increased taxes and "loose" financial policies in
Washington, D.C.
The group, which identifies itself as non-partisan, supports efforts to encourage legislators to adhere
to the Constitution and to the principals of the nation’s founding fathers.
Joni King, the coordinator of the Perrysburg rally, said Saturday’s event would include patriotic music
as well as speakers who will discuss the economy, the effect of federal policies on small businesses as
well as the limits of government authority and jurisdiction.
King, who organized a previous "TEA Party" in April, said the initiative was particularly
concerned with the lack of individual voice in how tax money is spent by the government – especially
since, she said, money is covered under the Constitutional guarantee to protect an individual’s right to
She pointed to the cap-and-trade legislation, recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, as
well as the proposed health plan being discussed in Congress as examples of a pattern of overspending in
"People are really worried about it and upset," she said. "And they have a right to

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