I am appalled that Gov. Strickland has proposed an additional 30-50% funding cut to libraries in addition
to the 20% they have already experienced. Our small Wayne Public Library has put many cost-cutting
measures into effect the last few years as our funding dwindled in an effort to be good stewards of the
tax-payers money rather than ask for more money through a levy. We even put a donation jar out to help
with our Summer Reading Program! Many of these were heart-rending decisions for the Director, the Board,
and the people these measures directly affected.
Due to Ohio’s troubled economy nearly every household has felt the bite…not just the pinch..of cutting
the budget and trying to find ways to survive financially. I would expect those who represent us in
Columbus to read this line item and note that it is unfair to numerous innocent victims in their voting
districts. Senior Citizens, workers, and laid-off workers pay or have paid their fair share of taxes and
purchase a fair share of necessities to try to keep Ohio’s troubled economy afloat. Using the local
library is practically the only free means left to do job searches, write resumes, and provide resources
and entertainment for families.
I wonder if Gov. Strickland had an ulterior motive in not publicizing this line item sooner before the
actual vote on June 30th. Why are libraries hearing about it only nine days before the vote? Could it be
that he recognizes the impact this will have and thus desired a short time frame for libraries and the
public to do much about it?
Here is an alternative proposal: cut the salary of every university president, senator, representative,
business CEO, and Gov. Strickland first by20%, then by 30-50%. If they are worth their salary, they will
be willing to take the cut and stick around until the economy turns upward. That’s what all the rest of
us are doing!
Please contact your local representatives in Columbus and let them know how you expect them to vote on
the governor’s proposed budget and the cuts involved ASAP!
Mary Cribbs, Board Member
Wayne Public Library