Eight-year jail sentences given to two men who robbed Perrysburg Speedway


Joseph M. Strawinski III, 23, of Toledo, was sentenced to eight years in prison on June 8 for his
involvement in a string of robberies along with William B. Burnside, 30, also of Toledo. Strawinski
changed his plea and pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery, a second-degree felony.
Judge Reeve Kelsey also ordered him to pay $302 in restitution to a Speedway gas station on U.S. 20 near
I-75 in Perrysburg.
Both men were charged in relation to the robbery of that gas station in January. Kelsey ordered the
sentence be served concurrently with any other sentences Strawinski may be serving.
Police reports indicate Burnside was driving the getaway car used during the robbery of the Perrysburg
Speedway. Strawinski was the armed suspect who entered the business, threatened and assaulted the female
clerk, then fled with money from the cash register.
Burnside similarly received an eight-year sentence from Kelsey.
In addition to Kelsey, Wood County Common Pleas Court judges Alan Mayberry and Robert Pollex have issued
the following prison sentences:
¥ Brian Jordan, 24, Toledo, was sentenced to five years in prison for each of two counts complicity to
aggravated trafficking in drugs, with the sentences to be served concurrently. His co-defendent in the
case, Lisa White, 23, also Toledo, was sentenced to six years for complicity to aggravated trafficking
in drugs and 11 months for aggravated possession of drugs. (Pollex)
¥ Nash Laraby, 34, was sentenced to nearly five years in prison for breaking and entering, receiving
stolen property and failure to comply with order or signal of a police officer with a specification. The
last charge is a third degree felony and carried a four year sentence, with 11 months ordered on each of
the first two counts, to be served concurrently with each other and consecutive with the final charge.
His driver’s license was revoked for 10 years and he must pay $2,070 in restitution. (Kelsey)
¥ John Arriaga, 48, was sentenced to four years for felonious assault and $1,000 in restitution. (Kelsey)

¥ Kyiona Coley, 22, Toledo, was sentenced to 22 months in prison – 11 months each for receiving stolen
property and theft. (Mayberry)
¥ Amanda Adkins, 28, of Perrysburg, was found guilty of violating her community control and was sentenced
to 17 months in prison on her original charge of failure to appear. (Pollex)
¥ Roberto Gonzalez, 33, Findlay, community control violation from 2005 charges, sentenced to 13 months
and 11 months in prison on two counts to be served concurrently. (Kelsey)
¥ Phillip Terry, 38, of North Baltimore, was sentenced to one year in prison after pleading guilty to a
charge of attempted having weapons while under disability. (Kelsey)
¥ Pamela Matney, 44, of Bradner, was sentenced to one year in prison each for two counts of forgery to be
served concurrently. (Kelsey)
¥ Bryan King, 24, of Toledo, was sentenced to 11 month for obstructing justice. King had pleaded guilty
in April 2008, but failed to show for his sentencing June 13, 2008. A warrant was issued. He was present
in custody and finally was sentenced. (Mayberry)
¥ Heather Bayless, 37, Findlay, 11 months for complicity to breaking and entering and obstructing
justice. (Mayberry)
¥ Jerry Stephens Jr., 30, Toledo, 11 months for receiving stolen property, concurrent to Lucas County
sentence. Also ordered to pay $540 in restitution. (Mayberry)
¥ Nicoile Batchelor, 22, Findlay, six months for violation of her intervention in lieu of conviction from
a 2007 case. (Pollex)
¥ Edward Flores III, 22, six months, burglary. (Kelsey)
¥ Rodney Markel, 29, North Baltimore, six months for theft. He also was ordered to pay $560 in
restitution. (Kelsey)
¥ Kristal Vann, 31, Toledo, for passing bad checks and ordered to pay nearly $1,443 in restitution.
All of the prison sentences also carry post-release control sanctions.

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