Let?s get physical


Church program gears kids up for a one-mile run.
While most churches offer youth programs which focus on their spiritual well-being; a newer program at
Trinity United Methodist in Bowling Green, allows the youth to focus on their physical well-being.
?Running Towards Christ Through the Heart of BG? is the running program which began June 9 at the church.

There are 21 students in third through sixth grade who have been involved with the goal of being able to
run a mile. The students can often be seen running around the Wood County Courthouse on Tuesday and
Thursday mornings.
The he program wraps up Thursday with a one-mile fun run.
?We have a lot of kids who really push themselves,? said Kim Fluharty, one of the volunteers.
?They are all very excited about the program,? said Kevin Brown, another volunteer.
Both said all 21 participants have worked themselves up to go the full mile, which was an established
goal of the program.
?They all run at their own pace, but they all can make the full mile,? Fluharty added.
The program is coordinated by Bridgett Clark, youth director at the church.
?The program was designed to help the children become fit both physically and spiritually,? Clark said.

In addition to running around the courthouse ? it takes 3.25 laps to equal a mile ? they also play
running games at nearby Ridge Elementary.
After running, the youth meet back at the church for a devotion and snack with Clark.
?They have been learning about setting goals,? she said.
Clark also said they talk about the obstacles in their lives and ways to overcome them.
?My hope for them is that they value themselves as athletes and as children of God,? Clark said.
The church provides water bottles for each child.
On Thursday the participants will receive a T-shirt and certificate.
Clark said the feedback from parents and church members as been very positive. The church hopes to
continue to provide the program for the community next summer.

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