4-H news: 6-27


Colorful Clovers
Members of the Colorful Clovers 4-H Club met June 18 at First United Methodist Church. The Club chose
GOBA as a fundraising project.
Members could also sign up for a shift helping out at the milkshake booth during the fair. The next
community service project is from 5 to 7 at the church on July 9. Those attending were reminded to check
the fair judging schedule and were encouraged to participate in the 4-H Bake Off during the fair.
Members ordered Club T-shirts or sweatpants. Also members shared their favorite part of 4-H Camp.
The Project Fair/Parent Dessert will be held July 30. The float, fair, public speaking, program and
spirit committees met to discuss projects. The safety/health tip was on lawn safety. The meeting ended
by playing water games outside.
The next meeting is July 9 at church.
Blue Ribbon Rangers
The Blue Ribbon Rangers 4-H Club met June 1 and June 22 at the Webster Township Hall.
At the first meeting members were reminded to sign up for snacks and to pay their $5 dues. The Club
Spirit Committee met as well.
It was decided that the Showmanship/Learning Clinic and potluck will be held on July 19 at 4:30 p.m. with
members’ families welcome to attend. Each group was assigned a dish to bring.
The theme for the fair booth was also discussed, but not decided on. Members voted to make a new T-shirt
design, those interested were told to make a design and bring it to the next meeting. The committees
also met.
Skill-a-thon practice was held and many members gave their reports in adviser groups.
The club was to have held a car wash and bake sale this morning at Wolf’s Blooms and Berries.
At the most recent meeting members were reminded to sign up for snacks and to pay the $5 dues, if not
already done.
The showmanship clinic day will be held July 19 and will be a potluck. All members and their families are
invited to attend. Each committee group will be assigned a dish to bring at the next meeting.
New T-shirt designs were discussed and any member that has an idea is encouraged to bring it to the next
Members met in their committees and met in adviser groups; while some gave reports.
The livestock interview judging and skill-a-thon will be held July 7 at the Junior Fair Building. The
club’s appointed time is at 1:30 p.m and it is suggested members come at that time if possible.
Also at the Junior Fair Building, miscellaneous judging will be held July 9 at 4 p.m; and nutrition
judging on July 13.
The club’s shift in the Milkshake Barn will be Aug. 9 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.
The next meeting will be held July 6 at 7:30 p.m at Webster Township Building.
Golden Key
The Golden Key 4-H Club met last Saturday for its community service project at the recycling center at
Members were reminded to pay for Bostdorff Bucks and pay dues. Judging times were provided.
Demonstrations were given by Kara Buchman, Kyle Dibling, Kalen Bloom, Kolton Bloom, Kelsey Bloom and Trey
The next meeting was set for today at noon.
Horses R Us
Members of the Horses R Us 4-H Club met Sunday at the Wood County Fairgrounds to get ready for the fair.

Members put sawdust in the stalls to be sure they would have enough for the fair. Members also washed the
stall walls while parents put up the rest of the stalls.
Another meeting at the fairgrounds is planned to put up decorations and finish preparations.
The club also held a fundraiser at McDonald’s to earn money for club expenses.
Gold Medal
On June 17, the Gold Medal 4-H Club took a tour of the Bowling Green Sentinel Tribune. The tour guides
showed the club a large office that was filled with computers. Members were told if they notice a
mistake and the paper is already printing, they can stop the presses and fix the mistake, and then print
the new, correct paper. Those attending also learned about the press room.
Then the club headed to the Bowling Green City Park for a meeting, where they discussed the float and
booth ideas.
Members also discussed the Wood County and state fairs and the Bake-Off.
Five people gave demonstrations. Hannah Bakies, Mia Black and Sarah Bahler gave demonstrations. Raegan
Vickers and Katie Gerber gave a demonstration together. The snack for the group was called "Spy
Bugs", made by Katie Gerber. Rheanon Stewart led the recreation. After recreation, members could
also make bird feeders with pine cones, peanut butter and bird seeds to give to their dad for Father’s

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