Catholics to march for Corpus Christi


St. Thomas More University Parish is teaming with St. Aloysius Catholic Parish for a "Corpus Christi
Celebration" on Saturday.
Corpus Christi, the Body of Christ, will be the focus with a procession.
For members of St. Thomas More, the celebration will begin with a Mass at 5 p.m. Saturday. After the
Mass, members who are able will participate in a solemn procession walking to St. Aloysius.
The procession will be led by the newest members of the church, the 2008 RCIA class who joined the church
or were fully initiated at the Easter vigil. Also those who celebrated thier first Communion will join
in the lead of the procession. Members of the Knights of Columbus will join the procession, followed by
a Communion blessed host, which Catholics believe is the true body of Christ. The sacred host will be
transported in the monstrance under a canopy, with priests, a deacon, and members of the parish who are
able to make the walk.
Upon arrival at St. Aloysius, members of that parish will join in a procession around the block including
several ritual stops to pray as a group along the way.
The celebration continues with a two-parish potluck in Hartman Hall at St. Aloysius.
For more information, contact either parish.

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