Biden is surrounded by competent advisors


To the editor,

President Biden’s performance at the first Presidential debate on 29 June was abysmal and certainly made it appear that his brains were addled, though my wife suggested that he may have simply been “over-prepared” by his advisors.

Because the fate of our democratic republic depends upon NOT electing Donald Trump in November, Joe Biden should drop out of the presidential race now. Given his abysmal performance, he is probably the only Democrat who could lose to Trump in November. Moreover, Biden is not the only Democrat who can pursue the Biden political agenda, contrary to what Biden clams.

Biden should not let his ego put this country at ri surrounded by competent advisorssk of losing its democratic republic.

That said, if Biden refuses to drop out of the presidential race, it is worthwhile to remember that Harris is there to replace him and can continue Bidenomics. It is also worthwhile to remember that Ronald Reagan was totally demented during his second term of office and, according to reports, our country was being governed by Nancy Reagan and her astrologer—and the Republicans said NOTHING at all. (Hypocrisy seems to be the GOP’s middle name.)

Therefore, I will vote for Joe Biden if he refuses to withdraw from the race. After all he is who can continue his work—as was Reagan. Given the dreadful consequences of a Trump victory, I urge everyone who cares about the direction this country will take after the next election to vote for Biden if he runs—and of course for any other Democrat who runs.

BTW, Trump is touting his passing a mental status exam. Well, the exam that I heard him discuss could have been passed by a third grader. I would be happy to give both candidates a proper mini-mental-status exam and see how well they do. I would also like to se functional MRI tests on their brains as well, but sadly that will never happen.

W.E. Feeman Jr., MD

Bowling Green

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