Real estate transfers


April 12

0, 6124 Five Point Road, Troy Township, from Michael and Cory Hughes to Mary and Lamy Guthrie, residential, $261,001.

0 Brown Ln., Weston, from Brett Crabtree to William Hunnicutt, residential vacant land, $3,800.

932 Bexley Dr., Perrysburg, from Chad and Angela Gasiorowski to Patrick Seymour, residential, $350,000.

535 Nora Dr., Perrysburg, from Michael Smith trustee to Dylan and Rachel Stevens, residential, $279,900.

546 W. Sixth St., Perrysburg, from Jacqueline Davenport to Bryce Davenport, residential, $157,000.

401 W. Sixth St., Perrysburg, from Dylan and Rachel Stevens to Eric Johnson, residential, $233,000.

6428 Main St., West Millgrove, from Katrina McRae to MidFirst Bank, residential, $64,229.

300 W. Walnut St., North Baltimore, from Pro Tech Rental Properties LLC to Joe Built Homes LLC, residential, $20,000.

815, 815 Touraine Ave., Bowling Green, from Leslie Harper trustee to Mark Dally, residential and residential vacant land, $235,000.

803 Roscommon St., Bowling Green, from Wenqiao Xu to Martin and Amy Nusbaum, residential, $295,000.

Lawndale Mobile Home Park Lot 75, Weston, from Mark Van de Heining to Muro Martinez, manufactured home, $3,000.

April 15

17776 Robinson Road, Washington Township, from unknown to Justin and Brittnie Miller, residential, $200,000.

441 Factory St., Jerry City, from Andy De la Cerda to John Torres, residential vacant land, $2,000.

Village Estates Mobile Home Park Lot 65, Grand Rapids, from MHC Affordable Homes Inc. to MHC Affordable Homes Inc., manufactured home, $17,280.

Walnut Hills Mobile Home Park Lot 91, Walbridge, from Walnut Hills to Phyllis Adock and Bonnie Brown, manufactured home, $50,000.

Maple Hill Mobile Home Park Lot 132, Bowling Green, from Bryon Bowley, Jessica Herrera and Raymond Parsons to Maple Hill Sales Inc., manufactured home, $5,000.

Southview Estates Mobile Home Park Lot 4A, Perrysburg, from Maple Hill Sales to Andrea Behm, manufactured home, $30,000.

Gypsy Lane Estates Mobile Home Park Lot 76, Bowling Green, from Jennifer Wymer to Maple Hill Sales Inc., manufactured home, $2,750.

Troy Villa Mobile Home Park Lot 155, Troy Township, from Margaret Blevins to Susan Good, manufactured home, $23,500.

Maple Hill Mobile Home Park Lot 161, Bowling Green, from Richard Cotton to Maple Hill Sales Inc., manufactured home, $23,000.

Walnut Hills Mobile Home Park Lot 244, Walbridge, from Hunter Hayes and Kelsey Permar to Jeanette Yarger, manufactured home, $32,000.

April 16

19917 Sand Ridge Road, Weston, from Matthew Zulch to Michael and Mindy Hugaboom, residential, $249,900.

113 Rossway Ave., Rossford, from Clarence Jr. and Sandra Epsen to Kyle and Amanda Weiler, residential, $216,500.

146 Jennings Road, Rossford, from Theresa Worley to Sutter Properties LLC, residential, $140,000.

211 Colony Road, Rossford, from Jacob Leffel to Michael and Lisa Baginski, residential, $216,500.

650 Harrison Road, Perrysburg, from Steven and Penny Kruse trustees to Louis and Rita Keaton, residential, $348,000.

140 Valley Hall Dr., Perrysburg, from Buckeye Real Estate Group LLC to Sun Rise Enterprise Drive LLC, residential vacant land, $2,187,500.

140 Valley Hall Dr., Perrysburg, from Louisville Title Agency for NW Ohio Inc. trustee to Buckeye Real Estate Group LLC, residential vacant land, $61,900.

330 Mulberry St., Perrysburg, from MNO Properties LLC to Nicholas Krabill and Claire Wallace, residential, $155,000.

2511 Skagway Dr., Northwood, from Joseph and Sherrell Gary to Timothy Nowicki, residential, $180,000.

0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 Circle Dr., Millbury, from Reynolds Millbury Lotts LLC to Green Development Ventures LLC, residential vacant land, $290,000.

16870 Quarry Road, Henry Township, from Joshua and Jasmine Lincycomb to Tracy Poling trustee, residential, $230,000.

6552 Holcomb Road, Freedom Township, from Jaycee and Nichole Brown to Jordan and Anna Nelson, residential, $375,000.

162 Summerfield Blvd., Bowling Green, from Morgan Brent to Randy and Cindy Ducat, condominium, $246,900.

1443 Wren Road, Bowling Green, from Jonathan and Melissa Kershaw to Joel and Ashley Brakefield, residential, $320,000.

Perrysburg Estates Mobile Home Park Lot 165, Perrysburg Township, from Vicente Loredo to Prestige Sales LLC, manufactured home, $9,500.

Parkview Mobile Home Park Lot 16, Bowling Green, from Spartans Properties LLC to Donna Lane, manufactured home, $20,900.

April 17

0 Reitz Road, Perrysburg Township, from Dean Snyder to Wayne and Dolly Buchman trustees, residential, $170,000.

15335 Fostoria Road, Freedom Township, from Michael Ernsthausen to Toby Ernsthausen, residential, $150,000.

Village Green Mobile Home Park Lot 36, Perrysburg Township, from Gilbert Buckner Jr. to Village Sales, manufactured home, $6,660.

April 18

5320 Sugar Ridge Road, Webster Township, from Norman P. Knepper Jr. successor trustee to Jaycee and Nichole Brown, residential, $635,000.

0 Green Road, Plain Township, from unknown to Alec and Hailey Brown, general farm, 2 acres, $20,000.

114, 0 W. Seventh St., Perrysburg, from Clancy Yeager and Thorington Barbara to Alec Thompson and Alexa Restivo, residential, $254,900.

1200 Johnson Dr., Fostoria, from Alan Branwell to Kylie Davis, residential, $195,000.

2341 Brandeberry Road, Perry Township, from Patty Whitman to Kyle Downard, residential, $198,000.

306 Gardner Ave., Northwood, from Christopher Ibanez to Tyler Mazey, residential, $116,000.

8278 Milton Road, Milton Township, from Reuben and Bethany Yoder to Joseph and Abigail Harmon, residential, $279,900.

24912 Prairie Crossing Ln., Middleton Township, from Jasen and Jessica Wagner to Andrew and Allison Schalitz, residential, $483,450.

25184 Bradner Road, Lake Township, from Lee Cutchall to Nicholas Druyor, residential, $232,000.

264 S. Grove St., 302 Pearl St., Bowling Green, from William and Pamela Diegel to Matthew Cline, residential, $139,000.

April 19

1793 Lexington Dr., Perrysburg, from Sheila Gibbs to Amy Snyder, residential, $355,000.

2384 Mission Hill Dr., Perrysburg, from Jayeshkumar and Pareshkumar G. Patel to Pareshkumar G. and Payeshkumar Suchita Patel, residential, $412,500.

313 Earl North Dr., Haskins, from Samuel and Kara Guinta to CBIC Investments LLC, residential, $335,000.

13175 Deshler Road, Henry Township, from Intermodal Facilities Group LTD to Sheetz Inc., automotive service station, $750,000.

0, 0 Deshler Road, Henry Township, from Lee Dall Development Co. to Sheetz Inc., motels and tourist cabins, commercial land, $2,500,000.

13051 Deshler Road, Henry Township, from Riddhi Krish Inc. to Sheetz Inc., motels and tourist cabins, $250,000.

13081 Deshler Road, Henry Township, from Action Rentals LLC to Sheetz Inc., other commercial structures, $575,000.

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