Perrysburg Twp. police warns of scams against the elderly


LIME CITY – The Perrysburg Township Police Department is warning residents of a current scam.

On a recent post on the department’s Facebook page, officials state phone scams are preying on elderly residents and their inexperience with technology.

The department recently assisted a woman who had withdrawn $10,000 in cash and had been asked by a scammer to take it to a Bitcoin ATM. She was stopped prior to reaching the ATM, according to the post.

Anyone attempting to access your computer, or bank accounts for IT security purposes is not doing it in your best interest and is attempting to scam you. Please help your loved ones and neighbors if you believe a scam is taking place, the post stated.

No legitimate business is going to call you and request payment through Bitcoin or gift cards.

For assistance, contact the department at 419-874-3551.

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