BG man cited for taking Amazon packages


On Wednesday, Bowling Green police responded to the Cedar Park Apartments Office at the 1000 block of Third Street for a report of two stolen Amazon packages.

According to the Bowling Green Police Division report, residents received Amazon notices that their packages were delivered, only to find them stolen.

The notices included pictures of the packages by the entry doors on May 6 around 1:06 p.m.

Residents contacted the apartment supervisor, who was able to find surveillance video of a man stealing two packages from the entry doors. When the residents viewed the footage, they recognized the man, who lived in a nearby apartment complex.

Larry Burchard, 70, Bowling Green, was cited for criminal mischief.

When officers arrived, they spoke with Burchard, who believed that the packages were trash, since there is a dumpster nearby. Officers explained that the items were sealed Amazon packages with address labels on them, which indicates that they were deliveries.

Officers also pointed out that they were next to the door on someone else’s property, not the dumpster.

Burchard then returned the goods but stated that he already threw the boxes away.

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