Real estate transfers


March 1

0 Sugar Ridge Road, Webster Township, from Norma Knepper successor trustee to Jaycee and Nichole Brown, residential, $70,000

1604 Woodstream Road, Perrysburg, from Trevor and Joanne Van Berkom to Ryan Hartle and Suchitra Nair, residential, $550,000

27135 W. River Road, Perrysburg, from Reynolds Development Company to Andrew and Ann Reynolds, residential, $80,000

1019 Brampton Park Road, Perrysburg, from Northcreek Properties LLC to Danish and Tanya Siddiqui, residential vacant land, $661,827

0, 0, 3306 Curtice Road, Northwood, from Zachary and Marie Kornowski to Angelina and Andre Rocca, residential and residential vacant land, $164,500

0 Mermill Road, Wayne, from Steven and Jackie Shank to Mike and Laura Bechstein, 1.64 acres, $3,000

0, 4134 Waltham Road, Lake Township, from Jeffrey Wheeler to Caleb Self, residential, $179,900

421 Oak St., Pemberville, from Sandra Draheim successor trustee to Danielle Callicoat, residential, $175,000

316 N. Summit St., Bowling Green, from 316 Summit LLC to NWTA Holdings LLC, two-family dwelling, $100,000

0, 860 Jerry City Road, Jerry City, from Thomas and Louise Brossia to Troy and Yvonne Brossia, residential, $206,000

March 4

0 and 407 Superior St., Rossford, from Mark and Brittany Martin co-trustees to Jonathan and Allison Stuber, residential, $195,300

1246 Turnbury Lane, Perrysburg, from Susan Snoddy to Angela and Gary Stuck, condominium, $240,000

1027 Stoneleigh Road, Perrysburg, from Buckeye Real Estate Group LLC to Giselle and Kristopher Carbone, residential vacant land, $589,900

115 Secor Woods Lane, Perrysburg Township, from Judith Schnorf trustee to Joseph James, residential, $406,000

7217 West Lake Road, Perrysburg Township, from Denny Parsson and Megan Stough to Andrew and Tamara Brock, residential, $336,000

1405 N. Countyline Road, Fostoria, from Alan and Elizabeth Leibengood to Munassar and Bakil Saleh Salem, other retail structures, $60,000

15 Augusta Dr., Bowling Green, from Janice Lyon to Michealene Malin, condominium, $183,500

320 Wolfly Ave., Bowling Green, from Aaron Fretter and Daniel Klasen to Anthony Russell, residential, $150,000

March 5

1028 Hunters Run, Perrysburg, from Christopher and Lydia Kessler to Matthew and Hannah Garbig, residential, $369,900

948 Walnut St., Perrysburg, from John and Kristen Jenkinson to Landon Day, residential, $242,373

1085 Birch Dr., Perrysburg, from Tam Le to Binh Nguyen to Donavan Le, residential, $260,000

26395 E. Wexford Dr., Perrysburg Township, from Larry Brooks to Joshua and Emma Burton, residential, $242,900.

10784 Windford Dr., Perrysburg Township, from RGR Michigan LLC to Jennifer Marlowe and Denis Waibel Sr., residential, $369,900

0 Eagleville Road, Perry Township, from Lonnie Caudill to Nicholas Graham, residential, $29,000

0, 0, 304 W. College Ave., Pemberville, from Nathaniel Gerwin to Brian Martin, residential, $175,000

1714 Wicklow St., Bowling Green, from Roger and Cynthia Benschoter to Mary Zachary and Bonna Boettcher, residential, $312,659

145 Woodcreek Blvd., Lake Township, from Woodcreek Village Choice Marketing to Todd and Sarah Burke, manufactured home, $97,500

March 6

0, 0 and 11 Vineyard Dr., Rossford, from PHH Mortgage Corporation to BMJM Properties LLC, residential and residential vacant land, $105,000

8785 Bloomdale Road, Portage Township, from Cheryl Hagemeyer-Vetter et al to Roger and Cynthia Benschoter, residential, $252,000

379 Birchdale Road, Perrysburg, from Bradley Kreger to James and Jenna Wills II, residential, $80,000

984 Boundary St., Perrysburg, from Gregory Chevalier to Stephen Brown, residential, $213,000

0 North Cape Ct., Middleton Township, from Louisville Title Agency for NW Ohio Inc. as trustee to Peter and Brae Samenuk, residential, $134,900

15517 Sugar Maple Dr., Middleton Township, from Louisville Title Agency for NW Ohio Inc. as trustee to Michael and Trudy Scheiding, residential vacant land, $61,900

11352 E. Kramer Road, Center Township, from Joy Schall to Micah Swanson, residential, $275,000

66 E. Foxgate Circle, Bowling Green, from Raye Brott to Joyce and Gail Sterling, condominium, $229,000

Five Point Lot 9 Road, Perrysburg Township, from Sandra Adams and Raymond Greene Jr., manufactured home, $1,500

25 Lafferty’s Mobile Home Park Lot 25, Troy Township, from David Lanahan to Nancy Lawson and Christopher Lay-Paul, manufactured home, $36,000

March 7

0 Brown Lane, Weston, from Richard Greene to Brett Crabtree, residential vacant land, $2,000

March 8

0 and 13125 S. Main St., Weston, from Green Roof LLC to Craig Bomer, automotive service station, $189,000

0, 0, 0 and 12375 Portage Road and 0, 0 Solether Road, Portage Township, from Frederick Hoffman et al to Douglas and Jane Seiple et al, general farm with 127.86 acres, $113,000

0, 0, 0 and 12375 Portage Road and 0, 0 Solether Road, Portage Township, from Douglas and Jane Seiple et al to Douglas and Jane Seiple et al, general farm with 127.86 acres, $229,000

2467 Bedford Lane, Northwood, from Tammy Garno to Kayann Fox, residential, $195,597

195 Farnstead Dr., Northwood, from Marcella Mullins et al to Mogul R+C LLC, residential, $109,200

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