Rose is the best choice for county recorder


To the editor,

I write in support of Connor Rose for Wood County Recorder.

Over many decades, the citizens of Wood County have placed their trust in County Elected Officials who respect the law and work diligently to serve the people. Over the past two decades I had the honor of working with these good people. They understand the important role of county government, and the vital need to work together to ensure good service to the people of Wood County.

The current Recorder falls well short of deserving the trust of the citizens, let alone a 2nd term in office. From the most basic act of rarely showing up for work, he falls short. And while absent, he continues to collect taxpayer funded paychecks after hiring a person with no records experience to do the job of Recorder. Likely not what the voters had in mind three years ago. The records maintained by this office are too important to Wood County citizens to be managed in this way.

As you vote in the March primary election, please pay special attention to the office of Wood County Recorder, and vote for Connor Rose. He will do the work and earn your respect. The citizens of Wood County can do so much better than simply re-elect the current Recorder.

Andrew Kalmar

Bowling Green

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