Perrysburg taxes are out of control


To the editor,

How much has your escrow property taxes increased in 2023 from the year before. How much fees and material cost do you need to buy the Kiddos when school starts and how much do teachers pay out of pocket during their teaching year at their personal cost?

How much does the administration get in wage and benefits approved by the school board:and not the owners of the schools! All this and the classroom count is lower than most similar districts. Now we have two superintendents NOT approved by our vote or justification.

When you approve another building you are expected to have another Operating LEVY to follow for staffing another school. Would you approve buying a new home without detailed plans and location for $88,000,000!

Then you have WAY LIBRARY who also cannot control their property tax budgets.

They never go on a November ballot especially during a Presidential election when the voter participation is very high! They sneak in approval by the City of Perrysburg Council to be on the ballot with no justification to the owners of the Library, Schools, and City.

They are going on the ballot with a replacement levy that IS a tax increase of the 1.9 mills at current home market values. The responsible library administration would have used a “RENEWAL” maintaining the current property taxes not a “REPLACEMENT”. The library can join the system of Wood County Libraries and cut our taxes without increasing our property taxes like we did when voters rejected TARTA.

As a result of self-greed and “Spend then more new TAX Levies” by the, School District and Library. We have the school District SKY BOX offices that overlook responsible stewardship of spending our money while wasting 74% of a vacant historic building space and prime property used by special interests,without a competitive bid – SELL IT!

I am a victim of their combined goals and that is to eliminate fixed income property owners due to not affording the taxes of the Schools, Library and City. I am selling my home in Perrysburg for 45 years.

OUR borders are open attracting the Younger,Richer homeowners with Kidoos to fuel their out of control EMPIRE. The answer is impact fees where the new home owners pay for added cost of services by the Schools, Library, and City or live within your budgets like we do every day.

Phil Caron


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