Ghanbari works tirelessly for Wood County


To the editor,

This past weekend Nadine and I, along with many other admirers from throughout Wood County and Ohio, paid tribute to the life and legacy of the distinguished jurist and former Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives, the Honorable Charles F. Kurfess.

Unquestionably, history will show that Judge Kurfess excelled not only on the bench but most notably as a legislator’s-legislator who established a standard for the Speakership that is unmatched.

But most importantly, Chuck Kurfess, always, always weighed carefully and thoughtfully the best interests of his constituents and his home County of Wood. Other State Representatives following in his footsteps have tried to do the same, most characteristically, Randy Gardner.

Today there is a hotly contested race for State Representative in Wood County between a hard-working seasoned legislator and a political newcomer who seemingly enjoys riding an unbridled political hobby horse with no proven record of public service.

As a longtime resident of Bowling Green and as Mayor of BG with a long history with Buckeye Boys State dating back to 1956, I will be voting for State Representative Haraz Ghanbari who has worked tirelessly on behalf of the best interests of Wood County, to wit, the City of BG, BGSU, the Wood County Senior Center, veteran’s groups and most especially law enforcement and our schools.

Dick Edwards

Mayor Emeritus

Bowling Green

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