Ghanbari is a proven leader


To the editor,

At the heart of the Republican primary for the 75th House District is the voters’ choice of who decides: special interests or the people? A flurry of mail fliers from out-of-state organizations masquerading as grassroots are spreading deceit about our GOP Representative Haraz Ghanbari, undermining the people’s voice.

Legislative voting records are publicly available without the dogmatic slant of “conservative” PACs. Voters must look at facts and not generalized statements on PAC fliers. These organizations care nothing about the real grassroots system that produces quality leaders. Their intrusion in the Republican primary is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. While they would like to turn the GOP sharply to the right, they endanger the November election in bellwether districts, and perhaps the Republican majority in the state legislature.

The newcomers they sponsor have little to no civic experience, other than using buzzwords like “economic opportunity and limited government.” Comparing these candidates with the achievements of our two-term Representative Haraz Ghanbari is almost laughable. Ghanbari works hands-on daily for Wood County. He works with all levels of local government and addresses any citizen’s concerns. Scroll through his Facebook page to see how he is locally active in many different ways serving the people of Wood County. As for the smear campaign fliers with outlandish claims, here are some of Representative Ghanbari’s actual votes for bills, all of which passed with a Republican majority: SB 185 – Prohibits Local Governments from Confiscating Firearms During Declared Emergencies, passed 12/1/22; HB 227 – Expands Concealed Carry Laws, passed 11/17/21; HB 109 – Increases Penalties for Specific Criminal Offenses, Passed 2/16/22; co-sponsored HB 8 – Requires Parental Consent for Teachers to Teach Educate on Sexually Related Content, passed 6/21/23; HB 201 – Prohibits Automobile Bans Based on Energy Source, passed 11/15/23.

The voters of Wood County know that Rep. Ghanbari is a go-getter. Contract his office and you will get a follow up contact, usually from Ghanbari himself. In politics, there is always more than you hear in the news. Ghanbari is always willing to share information and answer questions. The best part about Ghanbari is his ability to think and act based on his values and the best interests of Wood County.

The people, not special interests, should choose our State Representative, so we must send a proven leader like Haraz Ghanbari to the Statehouse to be our voice of reason and truth.

Brian Myers


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