Otsego is where children flourish


To the editor,

Today, I cast my affirmative vote in favor of Otsego’s proposed levy as an investment in our community’s future. I urge voters to recognize the pivotal role schools play and join me in supporting our district.

Additional revenue is vital for Otsego. Before increasing taxes, schools should explore all avenues for cost-saving measures and sources of revenue. Otsego has diligently pursued such avenues. Our district manages a lean budget, prioritizing the allocation of funds. Recent deliberations by the Otsego Board of Education emphasize the necessity of increased revenue. When there is no fat to trim, making cuts is detrimental. I encourage voters to review the numbers. The school’s dissemination of this information is not a tactic, it’s reality. Increased revenue to balance the budget is crucial.

Acknowledging economic challenges, I understand taxpayers’ concerns about the levy’s impact. While the proposed increase is nominal, it creates additional financial strain. We all feel the pressure to make every penny count. Based on census data, supporting the levy will cost the average Otsego household less than $9 per week. Even small, intentional sacrifices can make a significant difference. I have faith that voters will consider the long-term impact on our community and prioritize expenditures that safeguard the quality of education our students deserve.

As someone who has worked with all nine school districts in Wood County, I’ve witnessed struggles and triumphs amidst each district. In challenging times, Otsego consistently demonstrates a spirit of resilience and togetherness unlike anything I’ve seen elsewhere. What sets Otsego apart is not just its lean operating budget; it’s much more than that. Neighboring districts applaud Otsego’s unparalleled commitment to academic excellence and notice energetic and innovative administrators, unwaveringly dedicated educators, brilliant students, and an incredibly supportive community.

My own children receive an outstanding education in an exceptional community because my husband and I wholeheartedly chose Otsego for our family.

Whether casting your ballot on March 19th or participating in early voting, your voice matters. If you’re a Knight, you know Otsego transcends being merely a school district; it’s home. Otsego is where children flourish and families unite to shape a brighter tomorrow. I am optimistic that together, we can champion the remarkable quality of education Otsego provides and ensure its continued success for future generations. Together, it is our responsibility to affirm the proposed levy in support of our school and our community.

Brandy Hartman

Bowling Green

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