Real estate transfers


Feb. 1

0 and 5355 Scotch Ridge Road, Webster Township, from Rodney and Donna McHaffie to Nickolaus and Karen Jones, residential, $390,000

422 Hillside Dr., Rossford, from Halle Tucholski and Tyler Steer to Stephen Terry Lessors LLC, residential, $227,500

0 Long Judson Road, Plain Township, from Steven Sheline and Cathi Sarver co-trustees to Hertzfeld Poultry Farms Inc., 76.93 acres, $830,897

1018 Dwyer Road, Perrysburg, from Saba Home Builders at Hawthorne LLC to Joseph Singer III, residential vacant land, $639,859

0 Newton Road, Center Township, from Katherine Best et al to RPM Commercial LLC, 11.29 acres, $134,400

12698 Newton Road, Center Township, from Norma Best to RPM Commercial LLC, 46.17 acres, $1,065,600

Feb. 2

29 Abbey Road, Perrysburg, from Elizabeth Ralston trustee to Scott and Lee Burgy, condominium, $221,900

3640 Turtle Creek Dr., Perrysburg, from Louisville Title Agency for NW Ohio Inc. trustee to Fahed and Sahar Abed, residential vacant land, $80,000

26040 Willowbend Dr., Perrysburg, from Vincenzo and Martha Veglia co-trustees to Jacqueline and Raymond Hahn, residential, $460,000

135 S. South Boundary St., Perrysburg, from Eric and Katie Eddy to Hayden and Emma Collins, residential, $212,000

102 Silver Maple Dr., Perrysburg, from Debra Chandler to Lora Koralewski, residential, $127,500

198 E. Bridge Road, Northwood, from Northwood Crossings LLC to Charles Murphy, residential vacant land, $289,908

0 and 134 North St., Wayne, from Stephen and Jessica Rochowiak to Raymond and Nikkole Kleba, residential and residential vacant land, $195,000

6764 Keller Road, Lake Township, from Michael Little to First Solar Inc., residential, $275,000

19368 N. Dixie Hwy., Center Township, from Bradley and Emily Yoder to Jared and Arbeer Beckford, residential, $279,900

1149 Blue Jay Dr., Bowling Green, from Nickolaus Jones to Jeffrey and Ashley Buckingham, residential, $329,900

Feb. 5

969 Dixie Hwy., Rossford, from Forest View Rossford Lanes Real Property Holdings LLC to Silhouette Manor LLC, bowling alley, $330,000

9654 Millcroft Road, Perrysburg Township, from Tao Liang to Charles and Sarah Rumschlag, residential, $300,000

0 Starlight Road, Perrysburg Township, from Norman and Brenda Heban to Latty LLC, residential vacant land, $1,000

0 Portage View Road, Perry Township, from David Bringman to Wayne Irwin trustee, 39.25 acres, $380,000

6250 Cygnet Road, Perry Township, from David Bringman, Dean Bringman and Debra Bringman to Wayne Irwin trustee, 120 acres, $1,350,000

6716 Jerry City Road, Perry Township, from Charlo Acres LLC to Charlo Acres LLC, 144.77 acres, $735,000

109 W. Chantilly Rue, Northwood, from Anthony Gerwin to Mark Beauch II, residential, $225,000

6701 Wales Road, Northwood, from Northwood Realty Limited Partnership to Pierce Hardy Limited Partnership, industrial warehouses, $4,100,000

420 Andrus Road, Northwood, from Jeff and Theresa Hogg to Michael and Kerri Cark, residential, $60,000

Feb. 6

1022 Dwyer Dr., Perrysburg, from Saba Home Builders LLC to Michael Bauer and Claudia Kemp, residential vacant land, $509,850

26486 Catawba Dr., Perrysburg, from Daniel Molnar to Daniel and Frances Ewing, residential, $412,000

866 Maple St., Perrysburg, from Nathan Sommers and Dakota Grodi to Roberta Redfern, residential, $260,000

10919 South Lakes Dr., Perrysburg Township, from Mark and Andrea Patterson to Andrea Patterson, residential, $142,500

310 Main St., Risingsun, from Roy Logan and Dawn Jett to Randy Cunningham, residential, $15,000

0 Defiance Pike, Milton Township, from Richard and Molena Pantenburg to Kyle and Amanda Fintel, 20.36 acres, $203,600

0 Defiance Pike, Milton Township, from Richard and Molena Pantenburg to Konner Fintel, 20.54 acres, $205,440

15198 Sugar Maple Dr., Middleton Township, from Louisville Title Agency for NW Ohio Inc. as trustee to Michael and Penny Mulford, residential vacant land, $408,600

500 and 500 W. Broadway St., North Baltimore, from Pentecostal Church of Good Ohio District to JFD Service LLC, church and residential, $60,000

555 Clover Dr., Bowling Green, from Nancy Euler and Mark Henderson to Roger Euler, residential, $120,000

1336 Sheffield Dr., Bowling Green, from William Denbesten to Vivian Miller and Craft Cowan, residential, $381,750

Feb. 7

247 Jennings Road, Rossford, from Tyler Derr to Charles Bee III, residential, $120,000

4511 Baird Road, Perry Township, from Nolan and Sharon Reinhard to Max Reinhard and Cory Reinhard, residential, $205,000

229 E. South St., Wayne, from Elizabeth Hofer to Joshua and Rebecca Burdette, residential, $55,000

38 Village Green Mobile Home Park Lot 38, Perrysburg Township, from Victoria Mims to Village Sales, manufactured home, $7,000

Feb. 8

19491 Pemberville Road, Troy Township, from Los Rogers Rentals LLC to Anthony Gerwin, residential, $350,000

13400 Eckel Junction Road, Perrysburg, from Romaker Properties LLC to Kalee and Nathan Ottensman, residential, $225,000

1043 Stoneleigh Road, Perrysburg, from Coventry Glen Ltd. to Buckeye Real Estate Group LLC, residential vacant land, $73,900

7052 Avenue Road, Perrysburg Township, from Mark Eddington to Schaller Haus LLC, residential, $150,000

8975 Superior St., Custar, from Renee Hartman to Lucas Hartman, residential, $20,000

9925 Rudolph Road, Liberty Township, from Joan and Larry Mantel to Megan Mantel, residential, $155,000

918 Deer Ridge Run, Bowling Green, from James Houdeshell to Donald and Nancy Navarre, residential, $425,000

0 Yates Road, Bloom Township, from Steven Sheline and Cathi Sarver co-trustees to The Nichols Farm LLC, 55.22 acres, $828,315

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