Walbridge pool will open this year; condition, fees are a concern


WALBRIDGE – The condition of the village pool is in question, but the mayor promised it will open this summer.

“We have every anticipation of opening the pool this year,” said Mayor Ed Kolanko at the Feb. 7 council meeting.

Council President Ron Liwo said he was concerned about the condition of the pool.

“Every year the same question arises,” Kolanko said, “and we have a great staff that makes it happen.”

Council member Thomas Urbina pointed out pools rates are nearing those in neighboring cities.

“Our pool does not compete with their facilities,” he said.

That is a fair point, Liwo said.

Kolanko said the village needs to look at the long-range plans for the pool but reiterated that it will open this year.

Opening of the pool, which is more than 60 years old, was delayed last summer as workers struggled with getting the infrastructure ready.

The library has requested pool passes for its summer reading program, but no action was taken as the pool rates have not been set.

“Pool passes are really popular,” said council member Sue Hart-Douglas.

It’s premature to discuss this, said Liwo.

Hart-Douglas said the parks, recreation and community events committee usually discusses the pass fees.

Kolanko suggested the committee discuss the rates to have an idea of the monetary amount of passes that will be given away.

The list of lifeguards is being developed and should be known at the council’s next meeting.

Council members also learned dogs are leaving their mark in Walbridge’s parks, and not in a good way.

“One of our biggest park issues is the amount of animal feces that are left. It is off the charts,” Kolanko said.

The usage of the dispensers for dog waste bags depend on where they are located in the parks, said village employee Ryan Hauter.

“They’re being used. I don’t see that much poop lying around,” he said.

Administrator Todd Robson said the police department had received complaints about the amount of feces at Loop Park.

Railway Park made the most sense for placement due to the trail, said parks committee Chair LaDenna Johnston

Council decided to place more dog waste bags stations in Loop Park and around the pool.

Council also:

• Learned Kolanko applied for an Ohio EPA grant for a new salt barn. The bard is expected to cost $32,000 and the grant will cover 100%.

• Agreed to allow Lake Schools baseball to use Railway and Loop parks for a tournament April 25-28. Rain dates are May 2-5.

• Learned the community garage sale dates are May 17-18 and Aug. 9-10.

• Agreed to transfer property to Habitat for Humanity of Wood County. Habitat will pay the taxes owed – $2,244 — for the property, located at 117 W. Perry St.

• Held a lengthy discussion on Lake Township’s plans for fire coverage and the lack of communications since the township’s fire levy failed.

Kolanko referred to the fire district study that suggested the combination of the township, Rossford and Northwood departments.

“A fire district makes a lot of sense,” he said.

He applauded the township’s effort to get community involvement, but the study “is pretty compelling.”

Council member Karen Baron is representing the village on the township’s committee – but no one else received a letter asking for their involvement, Kolanko said.

He said the township has not put a lot of effort into coming to us for our opinion, “but this is a group decision.”

“It’s our duty and our obligation to discuss because we represent 3,000 people,” Kolanko said. “If we don’t know what’s going on with our public safety, that’s on us.”

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