BGSU introduces Amazon Just Walk Out technology on campus


Embracing technologies that enhance the learning community experience, Bowling Green State University is one of the first universities in the nation to use Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology on its campus.

Launched on Jan. 8 in the new Market at Carillon Place, Just Walk Out technology eliminates checkout lines by allowing shoppers to remove items from a shelf and exit a store without stopping at a register.

The technology works by tracking purchases through the presentation of a credit card or the Transact Mobile Ordering app upon entry to the Market at Carillon Place. Using artificial intelligence, the technology detects what shoppers take from or return to the shelves and creates a virtual shopping session. When guests are done shopping, they can leave the store without having to wait and their choice of payment is charged for the items they took.

Shoppers must scan their phone or credit card to gain entrance the new Market at Carillon Place.

Located near Centennial Hall, the Market at Carillon Place features food, drinks, snacks and other items commonly found in everyday convenience stores. The market also carries locally made and sourced products to support regional businesses.

The introduction of the Just Walk Out technology at the market highlights a collaboration among BGSU, Chartwell’s Higher Education, Amazon and Transact Campus to further provide a convenient and efficient retail experience for those who learn, live and work on campus.

BGSU is the first university in Ohio to open a store powered by Just Walk Out technology with complete integration to Transact Campus technology.

The Transact Mobile Ordering app allows shoppers to use their BGSU dining plan at the Market at Carillon Place.

BGSU also was the first university in Ohio to launch an autonomous robot food delivery service as a convenience for the learning community. The service provided by Starship Technologies allows users to order food and drinks from various locations to be delivered on campus and in the community.

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