Perrysburg schools report receiving bomb threats via email


PERRYSBURG – Bomb threats received via email at three Perrysburg schools were not credible.

According to an email sent Sunday evening by Perrysburg Schools Superintendent Tom Hosler, three of the district’s school received an email from an account that claimed to be a Russian organization targeting American schools with a bomb threat.

The nature of the message was very general, and the time of the threat indicated in the email had passed earlier in the day, Hosler wrote.

Upon receiving the emails, Perrysburg Schools administrators contacted the Perrysburg Police Department, which initiated an investigation and contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The police department reported that it had no information suggesting that the threat was credible, he said.

There was a similar situation involving threats last week across Texas and the FBI also found no credibility in these messages, he wrote.

Classes will be held Monday as scheduled as it has been determined the school buildings are safe for students and employees. The police department and the district have heightened security out of an abundance of caution.

“The Perrysburg Police Division and Perrysburg School District have an excellent relationship and take the safety and security of students and school employees very seriously. Our threat response is thorough and based upon national best practices. Ensuring a safe school environment for students and employees is paramount. Because each situation is unique, the school officials’ and law enforcement’s actions and responses may vary,” Hosler wrote.

District administrators stress the importance of reporting anything that seems suspicious.

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